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Roster of Estill Post No. 71, G. A. R., Petersburg, Illinois

Transcribed by: Matthew Tooley

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Reap, E., Pr. K., 106 Ill. Inf.

Biggs, J. W., Sgt. H., 75 Ind. Inf.

Morgan, J. H., Pr. A., 10 Ill. Cav.

Carman, J. H., Pr. E., 14 Ill. Inf.

Newcomer, J. W., Surg. U. S. Navy.

Connlly, M. C., Pr. E., 114 Ill. Inf.

Carman, C., Pr. E., 10 Ill. Cav.

Clemons, G., Sgt. I., 133 Ill. Inf.

Small, M., Pr. A., 14 Ill. Inf.

Conyers, J., Pr. G., 71 Ill. Inf.

Patten, J. W., Pr. H., 3 Wis. Inf.

Balster, H., Pr. K., 194 Ill. Inf.

Hibbs, I., Pr. E., 73 Ill. Inf.

Dawson, T. A., Pr. K., 114 Ill. Inf.

Seigle, D., Pr. C., 28 Ill. Inf.

Jones, W. A., Pr. D., 24 Ky. Inf.

Motley, Q., Corp. E., 125 Ky. Col. Inf.

Willson, J., Pr. B., 14 Ill. Inf.

Shultz, W. H., Pr. B., 30 Ill. Inf.

Shultz, J., Pr. B., 30 Ill. Inf.

Miller, H., Pr. B., 73 Ill. Inf.

Smith, J. H., Pr. F., 51 Ill. Inf.

Zellar, J. A., Corp. A., 167 Ohio Inf.

Terhune, L., 1 Lt. K., 114 Ill. Inf.

Mathews, W. W., Pr. G., 71 Ill. Inf.

Snell, A., Pr. G., 129 Ill. Inf.

Weaver, W. H., Cap. K., 33 Ill. Inf.

Whitley, J. D., Pr. H., 106 Ill. Inf.

McHenry, W., Pr. E., 10 Ill. Cav.

Boles, A. H., Pr. H., 27 Ky. Inf.

Heigold, W., Pr. E., 10 Ill. Cav.

Ludnam, W., Pr. G., 38 Ill. Inf.

Huefner, H. A., 1st Sgt. B., 3 Mo. Inf.

Hamilton, H., Q. M., 102 Ill. Inf.

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