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Ephratah Cemetery
Town of Ephratah
Fulton County, New York

Cemetery Records

Cemetery on Lassellsville Road (Route 29), one mile east of Rockwood.

CHRIST		Jacob, died 1886, age 84
		Mariah, wife of Jacob, died 1869, age 82
		Mary, wife of Nicholas, died 1821, age 71

CHRISTMAN	Josiah, died 1886, age 76
		Betsey Sponable, wife of Josiah

DENNIS		Susan, dau. of Thomas and Rebecca, died 1838, age 22

DYE		Launana, wife of Andrew Dye, died 1823, age 30

FARMER		Jermima, wife of Benjamin, died 1830, age 80

GAGE		Amanda M., adopted daughter of Asa and Hannah Gage, died 1850, age

HAVENS		James Carlos, died 1842, age 27
		G (or C) Evlos, died 1847, age 39

HOWARD		Adelbert, son of Joseph and Lucinda, died 1847
		Mary Jane, dau. of Joseph and Lucinda, died 1844

McBETH		Daniel, died 1854, age 30
		Alexander, died 1866, age 73

SEELY		Dally, died 1822, age 38

SHAW		Anna H., wife of John F., died 1842, age 21.
		Mary S., dau. of John F. and Anna H. Shaw

SIMMONS		Eunice, wife of William H., died 1835, age 27
		Rouse, died 1839, age 65
		Eleanor, wife of Rouse, died 1851, age 70
		George, died 1840, age 74
		Roba, wife of George, died 1846, age 82
		Lucy, wife of Ichabod, died 1842, age 30

STALEY		Henry, died 1874, age 85
		Margaret, wife of Henry, died 1854, age _5

WEST		Susanna, wife of Francis, died 1841, age 59

Source: Cemeteries of Fulton Co., NY

Compiled by: Caroline R. Fenton, Historian 1930-1931

Cemetery Records

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