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U.S. Military Fatal Casualties
of the Korean War for
New Castle County, Delaware

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Incident or
Death Date
Biselis, Frank ARMY PVT 19200000 UNKNOWN NEW CASTLE 19501101 Y
Crowford, Samuel L. ARMY PVT - UNKNOWN NEW CASTLE 19501127 N
Dill, Paul Nesbit ARMY 1LT 19160629 UNKNOWN NEW CASTLE 19501203 N
Donahue, Joseph Paul ARMY PVT 19320000 UNKNOWN NEW CASTLE 19510827 N
Durney, Edward J., Jr. ARMY CPL 19300000 UNKNOWN NEW CASTLE 19510604 Y
Gliniak, Joseph Stanley AIR FORCE A1C 19240313 WILMINGTON NEW CASTLE 19521021 Y
Hairsine, Louis C. MARINE CORPS SGT 19291104 WILMINGTON NEW CASTLE 19530402 Y
Henry, Paul J. ARMY PFC 19280000 UNKNOWN NEW CASTLE 19511003 Y
Hitch, Paul Le Roy ARMY PFC 19290000 UNKNOWN NEW CASTLE 19510902 Y
Kempen, William Stanley, Jr. ARMY 1LT 19240000 UNKNOWN NEW CASTLE 19501128 N
Mays, Thomas C. MARINE CORPS CPL 19311204 STANTON NEW CASTLE 19530326 N
McCullin, John G. ARMY PFC 19300000 UNKNOWN NEW CASTLE 19510326 Y
Messick, Charles G. ARMY PVT 19310000 UNKNOWN NEW CASTLE 19500811 Y
Moss, Henry, Jr. ARMY PVT 19320000 UNKNOWN NEW CASTLE 19501111 Y
Petrillo, Adelchi A. ARMY PFC 19290000 UNKNOWN NEW CASTLE 19511024 Y
Poore, John H. ARMY PFC 19310000 UNKNOWN NEW CASTLE 19511124 Y
Robertson, Paul E. ARMY PVT 19290000 UNKNOWN NEW CASTLE 19520613 N
Shahan, Leroy MARINE CORPS CPL 19290421 WILMINGTON NEW CASTLE 19510418 Y
Stevens, William T. ARMY PFC 19290000 UNKNOWN NEW CASTLE 19501004 Y
Tawes, William Stanley ARMY 1LT 19230000 UNKNOWN NEW CASTLE 19511005 Y
Winnington, William Paul, Jr. MARINE CORPS PFC 19290901 WILMINGTON NEW CASTLE 19501207 Y

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