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Roster of Fred H. Beecher Post No. 70, G. A. R., Wray, Colorado

Meetings Every First and Third Monday.

Transcribed by: Matthew Tooley

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Barber, Chas. Corp., H., 17th Mich. Armel, Colo.
Bogg, A. S. L., 23rd Ohio Wray, Colo.
Brown, Joseph Pri., K., 2nd Ill. Cav. Wray, Colo.
Bullard, E. D. Pri., H., 102nd Ill. Wray, Colo.
Byers, John F., 55th Ohio Inf. Wray, Colo.
Campbell, Peter Capt., Clay Guards Wray, Colo.
Coston, H. H. Pri., I., 48th Mo. Wray, Colo.
Cox, Jacob Pri., C., 30th Iowa Wray, Colo.
Cunningham, W. W. Pri., E., 147th Ind. Wray, Colo.
Dorman, Wm. J. 2nd Lieut., E., 10th Ill. Cav. Wray, Colo.
Drummond, James Pri., H., 47th Ill. Wray, Colo.
Ellis, J. W. Pri., E., 16th Ky. Wray, Colo.
Evans, D. A. C., 47th Pa. Wray, Colo.
Fetters, C. S. Pri., D., 21st Mo. Eckley, Colo.
Henry, J. J. Pri., C., 140th Ill. Wray, Colo.
Hitchcock, Henry Pri., C., 28th Wis. Wray, Colo.
Hover, H. Pri., K., 11th Kan. Wray, Colo.
Johnson, J. A. Pri., C., 1st O. G. of West Wray, Colo.
Karns, S. D. Corp., E., 99th Ind. Wray, Colo.
Kline, John F. Corp., C., 101st Ill. Vernon, Colo.
Kline, Robt. K. Pri., B., 33rd Iowa Wray, Colo.
Lay, James L. Corp., D., 18th Ohio Laird, Colo.
Lyman, Robt. Pri., M., 1st Ind. H. Art. Wray, Colo.
Plumber, P. G., 18th Mich. Wray, Colo.
Ranly, W. E. B., 1st M. M. B. Wray, Colo.
Remington, E. B. Pri., G., 8th Mo. Wray, Colo.
Rightsell, James Pri., D., 62nd Ill. Wray, Colo.
Roberts, Rufus F. Pri., H., 12th Kan. Laird, Colo.
Shumaker, John H. Pri., D., 7th Ill. Cav. Wray, Colo.
Tippin, Robt. Pri., G., 1st Neb. Cav. Wray, Colo.
Toner, John Pri., C., 5th Iowa Cav. Wray, Colo.
Turman, Wm. H. Pri., I., 72nd Ind. Wray, Colo.
Weaver, Geo. H. Pri., E., 103rd Ill. Wray, Colo.
Weaver, Lyman Pri., A., 9th Vt. Vernon, Colo.
Young, Ed. Pri., A., 115th Ill. Wray, Colo.

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