New Horizons Genealogy

"Specializing in New England and New York Colonial American Ancestry"

Roster of George Washington Post No. 85, G. A. R., Denver, Colorado

220 Broadway, Denver, Colo.

Meetings Every Saturday Evening.

Transcribed by: Matthew Tooley

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Barker, William B. Pri., H., 4th and 23d Iowa Inf., 55 Clarkson Denver
Bates, William W. Capt., K., 19th Wis. Inf., 38 W. 2d Ave. Denver
Beale, William C. Pri., E., 9th Mich. Inf., 30 W. Irvington Denver
Beatty, William R. Pri., F., 1st Colo. Inf., 324 Lincoln Denver
Betts, Robert Sergt., C., 9th N. Y. Heavy Art., 214 Galapago Denver
Blood, Alfred O. Pri., I., 24th Mass. Inf., 49 S. Washington Denver
Breshwood, John H. Pri., K., 68th U. S. Colored Inf. Idaho Springs, Colo.
Brewster, Thomas C. Corp., Ind'p't Colo. Battery, 1200 Lipan St. Denver
Butler, Lewis Pri., D., 16th Ohio Inf., 2833 Vallejo St. Denver
Clark, David A. Pri., E., 148th Ill. Inf., 947 Broadway Denver
Clark, John G. Pri., D., 185th Ohio Inf., 1224 S. Clarkson Denver
Clark, John S. Lieut., B., 70th Ill. Inf., 44 Lincoln Denver
Cox, George W. Capt., K., 8th U. S. Colored H. A., 18 Sherman Denver
Daugherty, Thomas Pri., F., 1st Ohio Inf., 137 W. 1st Ave. Denver
Domm, Freeman S. Pri., F., 13th Ohio Cav., 131 W. 2nd Ave. Denver
Eakin, David Pri., G., 67th Ill. Inf. Unknown
Ellsworth, David J. Pri., G., 16th Mich. Inf., 382 S. Broadway Denver
Fallon, David O. Corp., D., 17th Ky. Inf., 3047 W. 26th Ave. Denver
Frary, Charles H. Pri., B., 53rd Ill. Inf., 1316 S. Washington Denver
Goodwin, George W. Pri., C., Unat. Me. Inf., 1328 W. Byers Place Denver
Graves, George A. Pri., D., 113th Ohio Inf., 503 E. Dakota Denver
Handley, Samuel Pri., H., 6th Mo. State Militia Englewood, Colo.
Harlan, Hosea Bugler, H., 1st Colo. Cav., 612 E. 1st Ave. Denver
Hatch, Charles O. Corp., L., 1st N. Y. Mtd. Rifles, 475 S. Navajo Denver
Henry, Edgar Mus., C., 11th Minn. Inf., 1140 S. Cherokee Denver
Hickey, John Pri., E., 177th N. Y. Inf., 115 Pearl St. Denver
Hume, William W. Bl'ks'th. D., 2nd Iowa Cav., 118 W. Ellsworth Denver
Johnson, Andrew Pri., B., 137th Pa. Inf., 264 S. Sherman Denver
Johnson, Price Pri., D., 24th N. Y. Inf., 1307 Broadway Denver
Johnson, William Pri., 18th Ohio Bat. Denver
Jones, Davis F. Pri., G., 55th Ind. Inf., 230 Bannock Denver
Jones, Wm. W. W. Corp., C., 139th Ill. Inf., 49 S. Lincoln Denver
Kauffman, George Pri., D., 4th Mo. Cav. 623 S. Lincoln Denver
Kinne, Orlando W. Pri., G., 14th N. Y. Inf., 668 S. Lincoln Denver
Kirby, William S. Sergt., B., 50th Mo. Inf., 1977 S. Huron Denver
Kitt, Joseph Pri., D., 1st Neb. Cav., 801 Cedar Ave. Denver
Lancaster, George W. Corp., B., 46th Iowa Inf., 258 Broadway Denver
Leslie, George W. Pri., I., 4th Pa. Cav., 1521 Clarkson Denver
Lord, Horace M. Pri., B., 1st Me. Bat'l'n, University Park Denver
Loucks, John W. Pri., F., 24th N. Y. Cav., S. and S. Home Monte Vista, Colo.
McClean, Sylvanus C. Pri., D., 13th Iowa Inf., 1221 S. Jason Denver
McClintock, Thomas H. Pri., E., 7th Iowa Cav. Sheridan, Colo.
McElhose, Roben Sergt., D., 100th Ill. Inf., 644 S. Sherman Denver
McKernan, James Pri., F., 40th N. Y. Inf. National Home, Kansas
McMahill, William Pri., C., 138th Ill. Inf. Logan, Utah
McMillen, James C. Pri., D., 11th Ill. Cav., 205 Broadway Denver
Manley, Foster W. Corp., B., 157th Ohio Inf., 1401 S. Lincoln Denver
Marvelius, Jacob Pri., D., 7th Calif. Inf., 1534 Williams St. Denver
Masters, J. G. B. Pri., I., 1st Ky. Cav., 3320 E. 2nd Ave. Denver
Miles, Alfred H. Pri., G., 5th Md. Inf., 1927 S. Penn. Denver
Millar, Charles H. Capt., G., 34th Iowa Inf., 2660 Stout St. Denver
Miller, John Pri., G., 1st Ohio L. Art. Englewood, Colo.
Miller, Lyman W. Pri., M., 1st Minn. H. Art. Norfolk, Neb.
Miner, Henry J. Pri., D., 34th N. Y. Inf., 110 S. Penn. St. Denver
Moon, Harmon D. Pri., H., 144th N. Y. Inf., 2045 S. Clarkson Denver
Morse, Edward W. Pri., B., 19th Ind. Inf., 448 Bannock Denver
Moseley, John C. Sergt. Maj., 8th Ky. Inf., 459 S. Penn. St. Denver
Moser, James H. Pri., F., 23rd Ohio Inf. Englewood, Colo.
Oaks, George B. Sergt., E., 31st Mass. Inf., 1045 S. Emerson Denver
Pierce, Arthur E. Pri., I., 68th Ohio Inf., 737 16th Ave. Denver
Porter, Styles W. Sergt., G., 52nd Ohio Inf., 1762 S. Clarkson Denver
Pruitt, Willis Pri., A., 125th Ill. Inf., 436 Delaware Denver
Reed, David L. Pri., I., 12th Mo. Cav., 1432 S. Acoma Denver
Reese, Samuel W. Pri., D., 35th N. Y. Inf., 329 Jason Denver
Rhinehart, John B. Pri., B., 134th Ill. Inf., 947 Broadway Denver
Richardson, Justin K. Brevet Maj., 30th Me. Inf., 711 S. Clarkson Denver
Richardson, Richard Pri., E., 1st Ohio H. Art., 1814 S. Univ. St. Denver
Rogers, William H. Pri., A., 14th Iowa Inf., 423 Downing Denver
Ross, Walter M. Pri., B., 49th Mo. Militia, 34 S. Washington Denver
Seeley, Napoleon B. Corp., I., 78th N. Y. Inf., 957 S. Washington Denver
Sessal, Antoine Pri., F., 3rd U. S. Art., 1322 S. Acoma Denver
Shannon, George F. Sergt., A., 37th N. Y. N. G., 118 Acoma Denver
Shay, Joseph H. Pri., E., 1st Colo. Cav., 134 Lincoln Denver
Smith, Arthur Pri., H., 146th N. Y. Inf., 167 W. Nevada Denver
Smith, Rankin Pri., C., 30th Iowa Inf., 232 W., 1st Ave. Denver
Spangler, Louis P. Pri., K., 6th W. Va. Inf., 57 S. Bannock Denver
Stannah, Wm. H. Pri., B., 94th Ohio Inf., 3345 W. 33rd Ave. Denver
Stone, Moses Pri., G., 28th N. Y. Inf., 340 S. Washington Denver
Sullivan, James O. Mus., K., 18th Mo. Inf., 111 Pearl Denver
Taylor, Cyrus F. Pri., D., 13th Me. Inf., 512 E. Ellsworth Denver
Taylor, Gardner B. Pri., A., 151st Pa. Inf., 1350 S. York Denver
Thayer, Leo Pri., K., 5th Mich. Cav., 203 S. Kalamath Denver
Thoman, Freeman Capt., D., 125th Ohio Inf., 1621 Madison Denver
Thompson, Wm. P. Corp., G., 12th Ill. Inf., 1455 S. Logan Denver
Thorp, Caleb G. Pri., G., 2nd Colo. Cav., 1450 W. Alameda Denver
Underwood, Robt. L. Pri., L., 6th Ohio Cav., 285 S. Penn. Denver
Walker, James A. Pri., A., 87th Ind. Inf., 169 Madison Denver
Wallace, John I. Pri., C., 3rd Mo. Cav., 1722 Washington Denver
Welser, Edwin H. Pri., C., 3rd Pa. Cav., 5100 Washington Denver
Williamson, John H. Pri., K., 3rd Ohio Inf., 107 Pearl Denver
Woods, James Pri., K., 3rd W. Va. Inf., 909 Broadway Denver
Wright, Amasa A. Mus., G., 114th N. Y. Inf., 1238 S. Pearl Denver
Wright, George L. Lieut.-Col., 3rd Iowa Inf., 1017 S. Race Denver
Young, Francis R. Corp., E., 12th W. Va. Inf., 1772 S. Penn. Denver
Youngs, Henry Pri., B., 9th Ill. Cav., 107 Acoma Denver

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