New Horizons Genealogy

"Specializing in New England and New York Colonial American Ancestry"

Roster of Farragut Post No. 46, G. A. R., Denver, Colorado

Goody Hall, West 11th Ave. and Jason Street, Denver, Colo.

Meetings Every Saturday Evening.

Transcribed by: Matthew Tooley

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Abbott, Samuel D. E., 9th N. Y. Cav. Denver
Able, Joseph H., 5th U. S. Cav. Denver
Able, George U. S. N. Denver
Adams, William B., 46th Pa. Inf. Denver
Agustine, Frank B., 8th Kan. Inf. Denver
Allan, Gains M. C., 39th U. S. Cav. Denver
Arnold, A. N. I., 46 Inf. Denver
Ash, George U. S. N. Denver
Atkinson, Geo. Corp., F., 40th Mo. Inf. Denver
Backenstow, W. L. H., 2nd Ia. Cav. Denver
Bailey, F. D. 177th Ohio Inf. Denver
Baker, Geo. W. Pri., B., 14th Ill. Inf. Denver
Baker, F. H. C., 8th Ill. Cav. Denver
Ball, Marion F., 21th Mo. Inf. Denver
Barr, Robert G. E., 21st Ky. Inf. Denver
Barrows, P. W. C., 18th Mass. Inf. Denver
Bassett, Leslie K., 13th Ia. Inf. Denver
Beaghen, John C., 2nd N. Y. H. A. Denver
Beardsley, I. H. G., 188th O. Inf. Denver
Beal, W. C. Pri., E., 9th Mich. Inf. Denver
Beesons, Richards C., 2nd Ia. Inf. Denver
Belden, G. C. D., 64th Ill. Inf. Denver
Benton, James E., 12th O. Cav. Denver
Bemisconi, J. 1st Ia. Bat. Denver
Berry, William A. K., 102nd U. S. Cav. Denver
Billow, H. A. 4th U. S. Cav. Denver
Biyas, Frank S. Capt., K., 13th Maryland Inf. Denver
Blinn, Daniel C. A., 4th Mich. Cav. Denver
Blood, M. V. B. F., 6th Kan. Cav. Denver
Bohleman, J. H. Band, 4th A. C. Denver
Bonnick, Henry J. G., 2nd U. S. Cav. Denver
Bowland, James B., 15th Ill. Inf. Denver
Brady, Zephaniah F., 44th Mo. S. M. Denver
Branston, Robert W. I., 134th Ill. Inf. Denver
Bratlett, E. G., 108th Ill. Inf. Denver
Brinkley, R. V. H., 155th Ind. Inf. Denver
Brisack, Justis S. A., 101 O. Inf. Denver
Brigham, B. F. C., 24th Wis. Inf. Denver
Bridge, J. W. 5th Bat. Wis. Lt. Art. Denver
Brock, John W. D., 27th Ill. Inf. Denver
Brooks, W. O. A., 7th Iowa Cav. Denver
Brown, Jacob Pri., E., 129th Pa. Inf. Denver
Brownlow, J. T. U. S. N. Denver
Bruster, T. C. Colo. Cav. Denver
Burt, Thos. Pri., A., 13th Ill. Cav. Denver
Burton, H. S. H., 33rd Ill. Inf. Denver
Burroughs, A. S. B., 5th Mich. Cav. Denver
Buell, S. P. E., 136th N. Y. Inf. Denver
Buttolph, Hiram M. G., 2nd Conn. H. A. Denver
Bush, Amos C., 2nd Ia. Inf. Denver
Campbell, M. N. Band, 23rd Ohio Inf. Denver
Campbell, Joseph D. I., 98th Ill. Inf. Denver
Carter, Nelson A., 1st Neh. Inf. Denver
Carl, Gollah C., 51th Ill. Inf. Denver
Camp, George W. G., 18th Ia. Inf. Denver
Castle, Charles H. A., 5th Mo. S. M. Denver
Cavenaugh, John H., 20th Wis. Inf. Denver
Chase, Leander A., 11th Penn. Cav. Denver
Childers, P. R. K., 2nd Iowa Inf. Denver
Chenneyworth, Isaac F., 33rd Mo. S. M. Denver
Chamberlain, M. A. C., 13th Ind. Inf. Denver
Chance, Ben. E., 18th Mo. Inf. Denver
Chivington, John M. 1st Colo. Cav. Denver
Clark, John Crum E., 38th Ia. Inf. Denver
Clark, Sandy B., 76th U. S. Cav. Denver
Clark, J. K. H., 3rd Mo. S. M. Denver
Clark, John A. D., 15th Ohio Inf. Denver
Cline, R. W. B., 102nd Pa. Inf. Denver
Cowell, Charles W. Band, 10th Mich. Inf. Denver
Cotrell, William H. G., 112th Ill. Inf. Denver
Coverston, W. A. H., 3rd Iowa Inf. Denver
Coplen, J. D. G., 3rd Colo. Cav. Denver
Condit, E. C. C., 19th Ia. Inf. Denver
Cooper, H. R. E., 8th Ia. Inf. Denver
Cooper, Charles H. G., 42nd Mass. Inf. Denver
Cooper, E. H. D., 1st Ill. Art. Denver
Cole, Uriah H. H., 24th N. Y. Inf. Denver
Conboy, T. J. A., 100th Pa. Inf. Denver
Cotten, H. W. B., 76th N. Y. Inf. Denver
Cotten, Allen D., 31st Ia. Inf. Denver
Cowell, J. R. C., 5th Mich. Inf. Denver
Cox, Nathan T. A., 1st Ill. Art. Denver
Crittendon, F. M. K., 1st Mich. Eng. Denver
Cramer, H. B. I., 161st N. Y. Inf. Denver
Cronkhite, Levi Pri., E., 86th Ind. Inf. Denver
Cummings, Nick 5th Ind. Bat. Denver
Cuture, Theodore D., 6th Minn. Inf. Denver
Cypher, J. F. E., 76th Pa. Inf. Denver
Dack, C. G. A., 9th Ill. Cav. Denver
Daniels, Webster C., 19th Ill. Inf. Denver
Daugherty, Isaac Ind. Bat. Colo. Denver
Davis, A. W. E., 79th N. Y. Inf. Denver
Davis, John D. E., 97th N. Y. Inf. Denver
Davison, John K., 50th N. Y. Eng. Denver
Davisson, Isaac I., 4th Ohio Cav. Denver
De Russy, R. E. D., 4th N. Y. Art. Denver
Demorest, G. V. U. S. N. Denver
Dillenback, J. D. H., 4th Mich. Cav. Denver
Dickey, John F., 62nd Pa. Inf. Denver
Divilbist, H. F. G., 47th Ill. Inf. Denver
Dickerson, Thomas L., 12th Ky. Art. Denver
Donnely, Hugh D., 5th Cal. Inf. Denver
Douglas, Tracy W. I., 17th Ill. Cav. Denver
Douglas, William B. C., 83rd Ind. Inf. Denver
Dorsey, George G., 12th U. S. H. A. Denver
Drew, D. F. M. G., 35th N. H. Inf. Denver
Eldridge, Roswell 92nd Ill. Inf. Denver
Evans, John K., 12th N. J. Inf. Denver
Evans, Wesley Watson 1st Sergt., H., 74th Ill. Inf.
1st Lieut., H., U. S. Cav.
Ewing, Jas. Pri., C., 5th Ia. Inf. Denver
Farmer, A. E. I., 48th Ill. Inf. Denver
Farnsworth, Edward 55th O. Inf. Denver
Findley, A. A. C., 83rd O. Inf. Denver
Fitch, Henry B., 2nd Minn. Cav. Denver
Flanders, A. H., 2nd Kan. Cav. Denver
Foster, J. W. A., 15th Kan. Cav. Denver
Foster, George W. E., 22nd Mo. Inf. Denver
Frazier, Caleb E. E., 150th Ill. Inf. Denver
Freeman, John Jay C., 6th Iowa Cav. Denver
Frye, G. M. F., 17th Mass. Inf. Denver
Fritz, J. S. I., 40th Iowa Inf. Denver
Frisby, R. R. B., 46th Pa. Inf. Denver
French, O. C. G., 104th Ohio Inf. Denver
Francis, Robert S. B., 10th Mo. Inf. Denver
Fullerton, W. J. I., 102nd Pa. Inf. Denver
Gandy, Otho W. L., 13th Mo. Cav. Denver
Gandy, Felix T. E., 4th Ia. Inf. Denver
Gates, Samuel B., 1st Ore. Cav. Denver
Geeling, John G. G., 137th Ind. Inf. Denver
Gerry, Owen L., 8th N. Y. Cav. Denver
Glaze, Roland B. A., 63th Ill. Inf. Denver
Goff, S. J. 14th Mich. Lt. Art. Denver
Graves, Phineas D., 12th Mich. Inf. Denver
Grant, G. E. (?) A., 30th Wis. Inf. Denver
Guy, Albert B. 109th N. Y. Inf. Denver
Hargrave, Thomas J. G., 23rd Ohio Inf. Denver
Harlow (?), J. F. F., 42nd Mass. Inf. Denver
Harrington, D. M. U. S. N. Denver
Hagle, Frederick D., 8th Kan. Inf. Denver
Haynes, D. J. F., 26th Ky. Inf. Denver
Hall (?), John H., 117th U. S., Cav. Denver
Hall, Hendricks E., 81st Ind. Inf. Denver
Halleck, Benj. B. Pri., E., 165th N. Y. Inf. Denver
Hamlin, L. A., 2nd Minn. Inf. Denver
Hamilton, John D. U. S. N. Denver
Haswell, William S. F., 4th Wis. Cav. Denver
Hayes, Samuel D. Q. M., 110th Pa. Inf. Denver
Head, B. M. F., 2nd Cal. Cav. Denver
Head, L. H. A., 57th Ill. Inf. Denver
Herbert, P. P. B., 3rd Colo. Cav. Denver
Hensel, William S. D., 66th Ind. Inf. Denver
Helm, William H., 114th U. S. Cav. Denver
Hendrick, A. F., 50th N. Y. Inf. Denver
Hedden, Abram G. G., 148th Ill. Inf. Denver
Henson, Amos G., 83rd U. S. Cav. Denver
Hermans, Edward Q. M. Sergt., 14th Mich. Cav. Denver
Hiestand (?), W. H. E., 1st La. Cav. Denver
Hill, George S. D., 125th Ohio Inf. Denver
Hill, H. H. Pri., C., 1st Mo. Eng. Denver
Hinsdale, A. M. K., 28th Iowa Inf. Denver
Hinman, C. A. I., 18th Iowa Inf. Denver
Holland, Peter Pri., 13th N. H. Inf.
Seaman, U. S. Rec. Ship, Minn.
Hollister, Isaac Pri., B., 29th Ia. Inf. Denver
Holly, F. M. Band, 14th Mich. Cav. Denver
Horner, David Pri., E., 3rd Ill. Inf. Denver
Horner, D. H. E., 53rd Ill. Inf. Denver
Hussey, George G. D., 1st Wis. Cav. Denver
Huston, J. E. K., 102nd Ill. Inf. Denver
Hubbard, Robert G. G., 12th Mo. Cav. Denver
Hubbard, P. L. C., 1st Mich. Inf. Denver
Ingiles, W. R. E., 108th Ill. Inf. Denver
Isenburg, S. W. D., 1st Pa. Lt. Art. Denver
Jackson, O. D. K., 45th Ia. Inf. Denver
James, J. F. E., 24th N. Y. Inf. Denver
Jansen, A. H., 21st U. S. Cav. Denver
Jeffries, H. B. B., 77th U. S. Cav. Denver
Jenner, Thomas F. G., 13th Ind. Inf. Denver
Jinks, E. A. F., 100th Ill. Inf. Denver
Johnson, J. H. A., 21st Pa. Inf. Denver
Johnson, James W. H., 30th Ind. Inf. Denver
Johnson, Robert A. C., 156th Ind. Inf. Denver
Jones, H. O. Pri., E., 31st Mass. Inf. Denver
Jones, Robt. Pri., G., 61st Ill. Inf. Denver
Justice, James G. 52nd Ill. Inf. Denver
Juneman, C. H. U. S. N. Denver
Kay, J. R. Surgeon, 124th Ill. Inf. Denver
Kennedy, John C. G., 12th Ill. Cav. Denver
Kelleher, James H. 1st Mass. Cav. Denver
Kellog, E. E. H., 8th Mo. Inf. Denver
Kessler, M. S. H., 3rd Ky. Inf. Denver
Keiser, Jacob F., 35th Ill. Inf. Denver
Kelson, Benjamin B., 9th U. S. Cav. Denver
Keenan, Charles E., 35th Ia. Inf. Denver
Kelsey, James S. L., 2nd Colo. Cav. Denver
Kennison, Bradley K., 6th Kan. Cav. Denver
Kibby, Lorenso D., 20th U. Y. Nf. Denver
King, H. W. H., 12th Ill. Inf. Denver
Kirkland, W. P. F., 1st Wis. Cac. Denver
Kiefer, L. G., 2nd N. Y. Cav. Denver
Knapp, Samuel G., 10th Kan. Inf. Denver
Knight, George J. B., 83rd Pa. Inf. Denver
Kohler, G. W. Pri., I., 49th Mich. Denver
Krotter, J. P. D., 1st Ill. Cav. Denver
Kritchfield, W. D. C., 13th Ia. Inf. Denver
Kridler, J. C. A., 1st Tenn. Lt. Art. Denver
Kubitslck (?), Henry Lieut., G., 48th Ind. Inf. Denver
Kuykendal, Jas. W. Pri., E., 6th Indiana Inf. Denver
Lahrozen, Andrea Pri., 1st N. J. Lt. Art. Denver
Lane, John L. 12th Ill. Cav. Denver
Lane, John H. F., 2nd U. S. Art. Denver
Lange, Louis B., 43rd Ill. Inf. Denver
Lash, D. W. F., 8th Ia. Inf. Denver
Le Claire, F. H. B., 8th Ia. Inf. Denver
Lee, Jessie B. F., 3rd N. Y. Art. Denver
Lehman, A. S. K., 28th Mass. Inf. Denver
Leslie, James 1st Minn. Cav. Denver
Lewis, P. B. D., 3rd Ohio Cav. Denver
Leisure, G. N. A., 100 Pa. Inf. Denver
Libby, C. M. D., 127 Ill. Inf. Denver
Lockhard, Wm. E. 1st Sergt., G., 30th Mich. Inf. Denver
Luckenbach, H. H. B., 66th Pa. Inf. Denver
Lyon, J. M. B., 40th Ia. Inf. Denver
Major, J. S. B., 36th Ia. Inf. Denver
Mann, J. H. B., 16th Wis. Inf. Denver
Mardis, I. A. H., 85th Ill. Inf. Denver
Markel, J. H. Pri., I., 50th N. Y. Inf. Denver
May, W. T. S. G., 1st Ohio Inf. Denver
May, Robert L. U. S. N. Denver
McGreuder, J. R. D., 36th Ia. Inf. Denver
McKinsey, Jessie D., 72nd Ind. Inf. Denver
McCubbin, Ira E. I., 45th Mo. Inf. Denver
McCormick, James A. E., 48th Ill. Inf. Denver
McLean, S. C. D., 13th Ia. Inf. Denver
McCain, John B. 26th Penn. Inf. Denver
McGruder, James R. D., 36th Ia. Inf. Denver
McGrew, Ambrose R. B., 4th Ohio Cav. Denver
Merritt, H. H., 5th Vt. Inf. Denver
Merkle, Charles Band, 6th U. S. Inf. Denver
Meister, George H., 144th Ill. Inf. Denver
Merrick, J. D. I., 1st Wis. Cav. Denver
Merideth, John R. I., 27th Ky. Inf. Denver
Moses, Elmer A., 41st Ohio Inf. Denver
Miller, Jacob K., 68th N. Y. Inf. Denver
Miller, John M. G., 18th Ia. Inf. Denver
Miller, H. A. C., 9th Ill. Cav. Denver
Mills, J. Harrison D., 21st N. Y. Inf. Denver
Milleson, E. A., 3rd Colo. Cav. Denver
Mogle, William B., 9th Minn. Inf. Denver
Morrison, E. A. A., 1st Minn. Inf. Denver
Moore, S. M. E., 15th Ohio Inf. Denver
Moses, W. E. E., 119th Ill. Inf. Denver
Morrow, Edward A., 187th Ohio Inf. Denver
Morgan, Lycrugus C., 43rd Ind. Inf. Denver
Mowery, George P., 153rd N. Y. Inf. Denver
Mofitt, O. J. G., 15th N. Y. Cav. Denver
Mullen, H. L. G., 54th Ill. Inf. Denver
Myers, F. M. E., 1st Ill. Lt. Art. Denver
Newman, S. P. I., 15th Kan. Cav. Denver
Neff, Walter S. B., 94th Ohio Inf. Denver
Nelson, James E., 3rd Mass. Inf. Denver
Obenhause, E. J. L., 34th Mo. Inf. Denver
O'Brien, William J. A., 42nd Mass. Inf. Denver
O'Connor, John U. S. N. Denver
Oliver, George Pri., K., 2nd D. C. Inf. Denver
Onderdonk, C. C. L., 7th Mich. Cav. Denver
Patterson, George A. C., 123rd Ind. Inf. Denver
Patterson, C. L. I., 155th Ohio Inf. Denver
Pagett, J. M. G., 40th Wis. Inf. Denver
Paddock, E. A. E., 40th Wis. Inf. Denver
Palmer, H. N. G., 13th Ia. Inf. Denver
Petrea, Theodore F. F., 176th N. Y. Inf. Denver
Peak, G. W. I., 71st N. Y. Eng. Denver
Peckham, W. G. D., 112th N. Y. Inf. Denver
Pettis, Hiram D., 96th N. Y. Inf. Denver
Pearce, Samuel A. B., 193rd Pa. Inf. Denver
Phillips, F. M. K., 1st Cal. Inf. Denver
Phillips, Sidney F., 137th Ohio Inf. Denver
Pickett, George B. A., 37th Ill. Inf. Denver
Plummer, L. C., 2nd Kan. Cav. Denver
Plank, A. W. B., 122nd Pa. Inf. Denver
Pollock, William J. E., 188th Ohio Inf. Denver
Powell, J. F. K., 24th Ohio Inf. Denver
Putnam, S. P. C., 17th Ill. Cav. Denver
Purdy, Daniel W. F., 164th Ohio Inf. Denver
Redding, William F. U. S. N. Denver
Rose, W. W. K., 23rd Wis. Inf. Denver
Rose, W. H. B., 23rd Wis. Inf. Denver
Robitzer, J. P. H., Pa., Cav. Denver
Roundtree, J. H. G., 35th Ia. Inf. Denver
Robertson, William M. H., 3rd Ia. Cav. Denver
Ralph, George H. 14th Tenn. Inf. Denver
Rauch, Levi C., 3rd Pa. Cav. Denver
Baglin, George W. H., 129th Ill. Inf. Denver
Rhoads, J. M. A., 47th Iowa Inf. Denver
Rice, M. W. E., 13th Ia. Inf. Denver
Richards, Matthew Sergt., I., 52nd Pa. Inf. Denver
Richardson, James H., 79th U. S. Cav. Denver
Richmond, Geo. Q. Pri., B., 61st Mass. Inf. Denver
Robb, S. C. B., 5th Minn. Cav. Denver
Rogers, Gilbert A. B., 72nd Ill. Inf. Denver
Roberts, James J. G., 13th U. S. Inf. Denver
Roberts, Joseph N. E., 103rd Ill. Inf. Denver
Roberts, James J. G., 13th U. S. Inf. Denver
Rogers, Joseph T. K., 45th Ia. Inf. Denver
Rolfe, Chester P. C., 50th N. Y. Inf. Denver
Rothe, William A., 17th Mo. Inf. Denver
Ruffieux, Louis E. Pri., A., Kan. Cav. Denver
Ruh, John B., Ind. Pa. A. Denver
Sanpier, Henry B., 50th Ind. Inf. Denver
Sammis, M. H. A., 4th Ohio Cav. Denver
Saviers, Albert E. K., 79th U. S. Cav. Denver
Scott, Morton B., 3rd Ky. Inf. Denver
Schelling, Henry F., 64th Ill. Inf. Denver
Schrock, E. W. C., 9th Ind. Inf. Denver
Schneider, E. D., 1st Ill. Lt. Art. Denver
Schuyler, C. M. M., 22nd N. Y. Cav. Denver
Schuitz, Chist C., 3rd Mo. S. M. Denver
Schmoeger, Charles I., th (?) Ia. Cav. Denver
Seibert, Mathias I., 6th Ohio Inf. Denver
Selleck, George W. C., 23rd Mich. Inf. Denver
Shepherd, F. B. G., N. H. Inf. Denver
Shell, A. A. G., 85th Ind. Inf. Denver
Sisson, Hiram A. F., 23rd Mo. Inf. Denver
Slothower, Louis P. I., 209th Pa. Inf. Denver
Smith, Charles E. A., 54th Pa. Inf. Denver
Smith, Alonzo G., 8th Ill. Inf. Denver
Sneed, Jas. M. Pri., K., 29th Mo. Inf. Denver
Snyder, Charles T. A., 1st Pa. Lt. Art. Denver
Sohn, Frank Band, 2nd Brig. Ill. Vol. Denver
Spicer, H. C. C., 6th Mich. Inf. Denver
Spencer, Frank A. C., 85th N. Y. Inf. Denver
Stoutenburg, I. J. G., 6th N. Y. Cav. Denver
Streight, Van B. A., 18th Ind. Inf. Denver
Storms, H. D. D., 113th Ill. Inf. Denver
Stone, Willis C. 5th U. S. Cav. Denver
St. Clair, David H. B., 78th Ill. Inf. Denver
St. John, Myron B., 22nd Mich. Inf. Denver
Stewart, Charles U. S. N. Denver
Starks, L. F. G., 1st Ohio Art. Denver
Starks, W. R. G., 1st Ohio Art. Denver
Sullivan, Perry L. 10th Ohio Cav. Denver
Swan, A. H. A., 13th Va. Inf. Denver
Swisher, U. H. C., 46th Ohio Inf. Denver
Swayzee, David E. G., 150th Ind. Inf. Denver
Sylvester, D. R. K., 12th Wis. Inf. Denver
Talledge, Thomas K., 10th Wis. Inf. Denver
Tamm, Henry D., 47th Mo. Inf. Denver
Tennison, Albert C., 1st U. S. S. C. T. Denver
Tennant, C. E. H., 1st Wis. Cav. Denver
Thompson, J. B. F., 73rd Ill. Inf. Denver
Thorp, C. S. G., 2nd Colo. Cav. Denver
Thomas, James M. B., 23rd U. S. Inf. Denver
Thomas, James G. 36th Ia. Inf. Denver
Thompson, Ira B., 112th N. Y. Inf. Denver
Tilton, B. R. D., 9th Maine Inf. Denver
Townsend, Thomas Band, 15th U. S. Cav. Denver
Townsand, F. H. A., 9th Mich. Inf. Denver
Toohey, Francis G., 2nd U. S. Inf. Denver
Tupper, J. E. I., 10th Mich. Inf. Denver
Turpening, Solomon Pri., I., 6th Minn. Inf. Denver
Vineyard, Thomas J. G., 33rd Ia. Inf. Denver
Van Meter, Stroud Pri., H., 102nd Ill. Inf. Denver
Watson, Samuel C. E., 4th Wis. Cav. Denver
Watson, G. D. A., 137th Ill. Inf. Denver
Walterman, George F. H., 7th Ill. Inf. Denver
Walker, John E. A., 51st Ind. Inf. Denver
Wade, Thomas J. B., 68th Ill. Inf. Denver
Webb, Robert L. Colo. V. Ind. Co. Denver
Weeks, John W. D., 4th Vt. Inf. Denver
Welch, Johnson I., 4th Ohio Inf. Denver
Welch, C. F. A., 18th N. H. Inf. Denver
White, Francis Pri., B., 11th Ill. Inf. Denver
Whitlock, William C. H., 1st Ill. Cav. Denver
Whitlock, Ogden F., 105th Ill. Inf. Denver
Wilkison, M. H. G., 50th Wis. Inf. Denver
Williamson, L. D. F., 6th Pa. Cav. Denver
Wilson, Jeremiah M. C., 2nd W. Va. Cav. Denver
Wilson, Walter Chaptain, 117th U. S. Cav. Denver
Willis, George W. H., 102nd Mich. Inf. Denver
Winslow, Lester B. H., 7th Minn. Inf. Denver
Wood, T. H. B. A., 119th Penn. Inf. Denver
Wright, George E. E., 3rd R. I. Cav. Denver
Yocum, L. S. I., 179th Ohio Inf. Denver

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