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Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Tooley

Cat Head Mountain Cemetery

Town of Hope
Hamilton County, New York

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ANIBAL, Culvin, d. 10-10-1826 ae 24-7-6

ANIBAL, Delilah E. of Philo & Mary, d. 2-7-1848 ae 0-5-3

ANIBAL, George, d. 1-4-1832 ae 20-11-26

ANIBAL, Sally L., their dau, d. 9-22-1853 ae 5-5-9

ANIBAL, Sally, his wife, d. 3-30-1847 ae 70-7-14

ANIBAL, Samuel, d. 3-22-1851 ae 77-0-10

ANIBAL, Susan, wife Erastus, d. 1-22-1849 ae 27-0-5

CRAIN, Amriah, d. 8-17-1836 in 78th

CRAIN, Tryphena, his wife, d. 11-23-1849 in 90th

HUNTER, Eveline Hunter (See Lenning)

HUNTER, Laura, wife Andrew, d. 4-5-1833 ae 28-2-20

LENNING, Eveline Hunter wife Conrad, d. 2-27-1840 ae 23-10-8

ORCUTT, Harriet, his wife, d. 8-10-1875 ae 72

ORCUTT, William, d. 5-6-1859 ae 83-2-4

Source: Cemetery Records of Saratoga, Herkimer & Hamilton Counties

Compiled by the Montgomery County Department of History & Archives from tombstone records copied by Mrs. Frank N. Becker and Melvin W. Lethbridge of Amsterdam, N.Y., and Leslie Frye of Gloversville, N.Y.

April 13, 1939

Edward J. Sheehan, Archivist

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