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Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Tooley

Bleecker Village Cemetery Records
Town of Bleecker
Fulton County, New York

Abandoned - back in field.

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BARTLETT, Ivory L., 1821 - 1907.

BARTLETT, Charlotte A. Donaldson, his wife, 1828 - 1905.

BURR, Emma J., dau of E. E. and E. A., d. 1851, age 1 yr.

BUSSE, Pauline, wife of John Busse, d. 1883, age 20.

BUSSE, Sophia, wife of Christopher Busse, d. 1891, age 66.

EASTMAN, Joseph, d. 1875, age 92.

EASTMAN, Eunice, consort of Joseph Eastman, d. 1868, age 83.

HAMLEN, George Willie, son of J. A. and A. L., d. age 19.

JOHNSON, William, son of William and Minnie, d. 1905, age 9 yr.

JOHNSON, Jessie R.


JOHNSON, Frankie M.

JOHNSON, Frederick


KNAPP, Betsey, d. 1862, age 72.

SMITH, Clinton B., 1890 - 1911.

SMITH, Viola, 1895 - 1907.

STAMMBERGER, John P., d. 1863, age 76.

STAMMBERGER, Anna F., wife of John, d. 1872, age 81.

STECKLEMIERS, John, d. 1860, age 53.

STECKLEMIERS, Margaret, d. 1871, age 62.

VANDENBERG, Bradley, 1830 - 1901 Civil War, Co. F, Reg. N.Y.V.

VANDENBERG, Phebe, wife of Bradley, d. 1866.

VANDENBERG, Caroline, wife of Bradley, d. 1859, age 25.

VANDENBERG, Margaret, wife of Bradley, d. 1885, age 43.

YOUNG, Phebe, wife of Robert Young, d. 1861, age 64.

Source: Cemeteries of Fulton Co., NY, Vol. II.

Copied: 1943, by Mrs. Caroline Rulison Fenton, General Richard Montgomery Chapter, D.A.R.

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