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St. Paul's Episcopal Churchyard Cemetery Records

Town of Augusta

Richmond County, Georgia

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St. Paul's Episcopal Churchyard Cemetery, 605 Reynolds St., Augusta, Ga.

Besides the names recorded below there were also broken grave stones piled together so they could not be read.

BALLARD, Mrs. Sarah, Wife of Mr. Frederick Ballard, died Jan. 9, 1806, aged 48 yrs.

BARNES, John Beals, Esq., died Nov. 6, 1815, in 36th yr.

BERRIEN, John Wilhelm, only son of John Macpherson Berrieh & his wife Eliza,
	died Aug. 22, 1810, 1 yr. 10 mos.

BIGNOM, Bernard, Native of France and resident of U.S. for 23 yrs., died Aug. 14, 1816, in 73rd yr. 
	(it may have been 75 as it was very indistinct).

BLAIR, Alexander, Native of Scotland, died Sept. 16, 1804, in 36th yr.

BLAIR, James, died Sept. 3, 1802, age 13 mos.
	(on same stone as his father Alexander. By the side of this
	stone is one inscribed -----

	Sons of the late Major Alexander Blair by whose side they lie.

	Thomas Alexander Blair, died Oct. 11, 1805, 2 yrs. 6 mos.

	Alexander Blair, died Nov. 18, 1805, 6 yrs. 2 days.

		Erected by their mother, Eliza Blair, 1807.

BOWIE, Rose, age 11 yrs. (A very old slab),
	(daughter of John and Rose Bowie from South Carolina).

BUCKLE, John W., died July 20, 1809, age 31 yrs.

BULL, David, died Oct. 23, 1809, in 26th yr.

CAMPBELL, Edward Fenwick, died 1861 and his wife

CAMPBELL, Maria, died 1845 (on same stone).

CAMPBELL, James, died Sept. 14, 1802, in 37th yr. Merchant of Augusta.

COOPER, Bridget (Stone broken at the date)

Cormack, Joseph G. (Remainder illegible)

FORSYTH, Robert, died Jan. 11, 1794, in 40th yr.
	(Federal Marshall of Georgia who in the discharge of
	his duties fell a victim to his respect for the laws
	of his country.

FRANCIS, John B., born Dec. 16, 1784(?), died Jan. 16, 1818.
	(Son of F. B. & Jane, name partly obliterated)

GARDNER, Mrs. Sarah H., died July 22, 1801, in 29th yr. of age.
	(Wife of James Gardner of Augusta)

GORDON, Col. Ambrose, born in New Jersey, June 28, 1751, died on Gorgia June 28, 1804.

HOWARD, Ann, daughter of Rhesa & Hannah Howard, died Jan. 5, 1807, in 18th yr.

HOWARD, Thaddeus ------ Dec. 1817, (Middle name and rest of inscription quite illegible)

ISACCS, Charlotte W., died Sept. 2, 1809, age 15 yrs.
	(youngest daughter of ------ ------)
	(On same stone as the following)

Isaacs, Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of Ralph Isaacs, Esq., died Apr. 9, 1809, aged 45 yrs.

JACK, Mrs. Kitty, wife of Col. Samuel Jack, died July 15, 1792, in 37th yr.

JONES, Seaborn, born at Halifax, N.C., June 15, 1759, died at Augusta, Ga., July 24, 1815.
	(Emminent as a jurist)

JOYNER, Eliza Mary, wife of William H. Joyner; only daughter of James Hartley of South Carolina, 
	died Oct. 10, 1815, age 19 yrs. 6 mos.

LAUDER, Dr. James and Francis, his brother, both died suddenly at Augusta.

LAUDER, James, on Dec. 28, 1789, in 29th yr.

LAUDER, Francis, on Dec. 26, 1787, in 19th yr.
	(It may have been 1789 --- partly obliterated).

LONGSTREET, Rachel, daughter of Hannah and William Longstreet, 
	died Jan. 12, 1790, age 2 yrs. 4 mos.

LONGSTREET, William, died Sept. 1, 1814, age 54 yrs. 10 mos. 26 days.

MACKENZIE, Roderick William, son of Alexander and Mary Anne MacKenzie, 
	born Apr. 19, 1815, died Oct. 1, 1817.

McKINNE, Mrs. Elizabeth, died Sept. 15, 1800, in 61st yr.

McKINNE, Mr. Feliz, died Dec. 30, 1815, in 39th yr., at Savannah.

McKINNEY, Georgiann, daughter of David and Sarah McKinney.
	(This is a small headstone and the lower part with the 
	date has sunken into the ground. It is beside that of her brother)

McKINNEY, Sarah Foulke, wife of David McKinney, died Oct. 10, 1809, age 26 yrs. 3 mos.

McKINNEY, William Wigfall, died Nov. 10, 1809, age 1 mo. 8 days.

MACKINTOSH, Mrs. Mary, wife of John Mackintosh, died Nov. 10, 1806, in 26th yr. 

McKNIGHT, Rev. Washington, died Sept. 5, 1803, in 26th yr.

MATHESON, Duncan, died Sept. 30, 1812, age 32 yrs.
	(Native of Ross Shire, Scotland)

MATHEWS, General George, died Aug. 30, 1812, in 73rd yr.

M___AWS, Alexander M., 
	(Stone broken. "Placed by his daughter" almost obliterated)

MILLER, Samuel William, born Dec. 21, 1791, died in 26th(?) yr.

MITCHELL, Robert, died Mar. 22, 1808, in 32nd yr.
	(Of Queens Co. in New York)

MOORE, -------- (broken), born in Parish of Bangor Co. of Down, Ireland, 
	Nov. 25, 1751, died Aug. 23, 1803.

MOORE, Keziah Louisa, born 1789, died Mar. 1, 1817.
	(Consort of Augustus Moore)

NESBITT, Mary, wife of Hugh Nesbitt (on same stone), died Dec. 8, 1802, in 25th yr.

NESBITT, Son James Wilson, died Jan. 7, 1803, age 7 wks 2 days.

PHINIZY, Mrs. Margaret, wife of Major Ferdinand Phinizy, died Aug. 22, 1813, aged 55 yrs.

PONCE, Alexander Sturges, second son of Dimas and Isabella Ponce, 
	born Aug. 6, 1809, died July 22, 1813.

SPENCER, Isabella, spouse to Alexander Spencer, died July 11, 1797, aged 26 yrs.

STARR, Maria, wife of Samuel G. Starr, died Nov. 3, 1817, aged 28 yrs.

THOMSON, Wm. T., died March 19, 1794, age 43(?) yrs.
	(An officer in the 9th Pennsylvania Regiment of the late American Army)

WALKER, Robert (Stone broken here)

WHITE, William Henry, died Aug. 30, 1802, age 7 mos. 10 days.

---------, Daniel, died 18--, in the 88th yr.
	(Remainder of inscription on part of the stone which is missing)

June 1931

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