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Methodist Church of Warren


Town of Warren

Bristol County, Rhode Island

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Methodist Church of Warren

The Methodist church of Warren is the oldest one of this denomination of Christians in Rhode Island. Its house is the first one built in the state and the third in New England. It was dedicated to the worship of God Sept. 24, 1794. The consecration sermon was preached by the Rev. Jesse Lee from Haggai 2:9 The compiler of these notes feels hurt that this church shows so decidedly an incomplete and scanty record. The Methodists by tranferring their preachers so often will naturally render the vital records of the church very Scanty because there is no one to see that it is kept up to a standard or is preserved after being gathered. It is the honest opinion of the compiler, without Casting any reflection upon either Methodist of Bapist or whatever faith that pursues this course, that they are doing a very unwise thing. Much valuable matter could have been saved had they adopted a course like the Friends whose records in future will be of priceless value unto all genealogists and will be admired by those who have no sympathy with their faith but yet will have for their preserved annals.

We are pleased to note however that the above named are paying more attention of late years to those things and we feel assured to say it will be fully appreciated in the future by those who have need to use these records for historical and genealogical purposes.

The list given in the following table is taken from Dr. Talbot's history of the church, published in 1876. We were not able to find any marriages or other matter recorded previous to this date, neither could we learn of any in existence.

Note: The date last given shows the year of admission to the church.

Alger, Preserved, admitted 1794
Alger, Dorothy, admitted 1809
Alger, Henrietta S., died Aug. 3, 1875, admitted 1802
Alger, Jonathan, died June 1837, admitted before 1820
Anderson, Patty, winslow, died April 3, 1870, aged 80 years, admitted before 1820
Andrews, Hannah, admitted 1820
Andrews, John, was living 1876, admitted 1820
Barrus, Isaac, admitted 1794
Barton, William, died Aug. 13, 1809, admitted 1791
Barton, Susannah, admitted before 1809
Barton, Prudence, admitted 1828
Bebe, Martha, admitted before 1809
Blake, Jane, admitted 1828
Blake, Nathan, admitted 1828
Bowen, Smith, admitted 1791
Bowen, -----, his wife, admitted 1791
Bowen, Sarah, died June 1835 aged 93 years, admitted 1794
Bowen, Rachel, admitted 1812
Bowen, Amey, admitted before 1820
Bowen, Bashsheba, died June 20, 1830, admitted 1820
Bowen, Henry, admitted before 1820
Bowen, William H., admitted 1828
Bowers, John, admitted 1809
Briant, Betsey, admitted before 1820
Briant, Samuel, admitted before 1820
Brown, Mary, admitted before 1820
Bullock, Rachel, admitted before 1820
Bullock, Sarah, admitted before 1820
Burr, Sally M., admitted 1813
Burr, N.M., admitted 1836
Burt, Sally L., admitted 1828
Butts, John, admitted before 1820
Butts, Polly, admitted before 1820
Carpenter, Rachel, admitted 1828
Carr, Sally, died March 26, 1826, admitted 1794
Carr, Samuel, died Feb. 5, 1820, admitted 1820
Chase, Burnal, admitted before 1809
Child, Mrs. Patience, died about 1854, admitted 1793
Child, Nancy, died May 15, 1841, admitted 1794
Child, Samuel, admitted 1828
Child, Julia Ann, admitted 1828
Child, Henry, admitted 1842
Cole, Deby, admitted 1794
Cole, Lucy, admitted 1794
Cole, Polly, admitted 1794
Cole, Bethiah, admitted 1809
Cole, Sally, admitted 1809
Cole, William, admitted 1812
Cole, Christian, admitted before 1820
Cole, Rebecca, admitted 1820
Cole, Robert M., admitted before 1820
Cole, Sally M., admitted 1828
Collomore, Peleg, admitted 1820
Collins, Charles, admitted 1794
Crowell, Betsey, admitted 1809
Davis, John, admitted 1794
Dewey, John K., admitted before 1820
Drown, Rachel, died Feb. 15 or 18, 1829, admitted 1809
Drown, Benjamin, admitted before 1820
Drown, Nancy, died June 10, 1868, on her 85th birthday, admitted before 1820
Easterbrooks, Amey, admitted 1794
Easterbrooks, Daniel, admitted 1794
Easterbrooks, Mercy, admitted 1828
Eddy, Jeremiah, admitted 1794
Foster, Benjamin, admitted 1836
French, Ephraim, admitted 1828
Gardiner, Rebecca, admitted before 1820
Goff, James, died Aug. 20, 1836, admitted 1791
Goff, Jemima, admitted 1791
Goff, Benjamin, admitted 1809
Goff, Esther, admitted before 1820
Goff, Martha, Ingraham, admitted 1820
Grant, Betsey, admitted 1812
Grant, Syvester, admitted 1812
Haile, Samuel, admitted 1794
Haile, Lydia, died Sept. 4, 1873, aged 87 years, the oldest member, admitted before 1820
Haile, Margaret, admitted before 1820
Handy, Nancy, admitted before 1820
Hart, Eliza, admitted before 1820
Hill, Sarah, admitted before 1820
Hoar, Allen, admitted 1794
Hoar, William, admitted 1794
Ingraham, Thomas, admitted 1820
Ingraham, Susan, admitted 1828
Ingraham, John, admitted 1842
Ingraham, Sally ----, died Oct. --, 1873, very aged
Kelley, Daniel, died Sept. 2, 1833, admitted 1791
Kelley, Dunken, admitted 1794
Kelley, Betsey, admitted 1809
Kent, Jerusha, died ----, 1867, age 97 years, admitted 1820
Kent, Joseph, died June 15, 1841, admitted 1820
Kent, Sabra, Luther, died March 17, 1859, age 85 years, admitted 1809
Knight, George, admitted 1809
Lawless, Gilbert R., admitted 1836
Lawton, William B., admitted 1836
Lindsey, Joseph, admitted 1794
Lindsey, William, admitted 1794
Luther, Frederick, died May 13, 1822, age 93 years, admitted 1791
Luther, ----, wife of Frederick, admitted 1791
Luther, Eben., Jr., admitted 1794
Luther, Hearty, admitted 1794
Luther, Martin, admitted 1794
Luther, Mary, admitted 1794
Luther, Patience, admitted 1794
Luther, Sebra, admitted 1809
Luther, Ardelia, Wheaton, admitted 1820
Luther, Betsey B., admitted 1828
Luther, Mary B., admitted 1828
Luther, Sarah L., admitted 1828
Martin, Priscilla, Woodmancy, was living 1876, admitted 1820
Martin, Stephen, admitted 1842
Maxwell, Abigail, died Aug. 21, 1870, age 83 years,, admitted before 1820
Maxwell, Henrietta, died March 17, 1861, aged 85 years,, admitted before 1820
Mill, Sarah, admitted 1812
Moloy, Catharine, admitted 1809
Munro, Elizabeth, admitted 1809
Munro, Relief, admitted before 1820
Munro, Russell, admitted 1836
Newman, Sally, admitted 1809
Ormsbee, Ezra, admitted 1794
Pearse, Abby, admitted 1813
Pearse, Perez, admitted before 1820
Pearse, Abigail, admitted 1828
Pearse, Lewis B., admitted 1828
Pearse, Sarah Ann, admitted 1828
Pease, Betsey, admitted 1794
Peck, Lucy, admitted 1820
Pierce, Betsey, admitted 1791
Pierce, Samuel, admitted 1791
Pierce, ----, wife of Samuel, admitted 1791
Reed, Peggy, admitted 1809
Reed, John, admitted 1809
Reed, Margaret, admitted before 1820
Rogers, Jeremiah, admitted 1794
Salisbury, Abigail, admitted 1794
Salisbury, Betsey, admitted 1809
Salisbury, Nehemiah, admitted before 1809
Salisbury, Amelia, admitted 1828
Sawtell, Dinah, living in 1876, admitted 1820
Sawtell, Joel, died June 30, 1848, admitted 1820
Sherman, Levi, admitted before 1820
Short, Rebecca, admitted 1812
Simmons, William S., admitted 1836
Sisson, Almira, died Sept. ----, 1858, admitted 1820
Sisson, Susan, admitted 1828
Smith, Joseph, admitted 1794
Smith, Michael, admitted 1812
Smith, Hannah, died Dec. 19, 1867, admitted 1820
Smith, Joseph, Jr., admitted 1828
Sparks, Lydia, admitted before 1820
Stevens, John, admitted 1794
Stockford, John, admitted 1794
Stone, Hepzibah, admitted 1809
Taylor, Polly, Grant, admitted 1820
Thomas, Abigail, col., admitted 1808
Thurber, Abigail, admitted 1828
Tobin, Nancy, admitted 1809
Tripp, Sarah, admitted 1794
Tuell, John D., admitted 1836
Turner, Hannah S., admitted 1791
Turner, Moses, admitted 1794
Vaunce, James, admitted 1794
Veneman, Betsey, died April 11, 1822, admitted 1809
Ware, Paul, admitted 1820
Warner, Betsey, admitted 1828
Wheaton, Temperance, died Dec. 4, 1841, admitted 1791
Wheaton, Sally, died April 1, 1864, admitted 1794
Wheaton, Betsey, died May 14, 1840, admitted 1807
Whitmarsh, Lucy, admitted 1808
Wilborn, John, admitted before 1820
Wilborn, Lydia, admitted before 1820
Williams, Eliza, died Nov. 8, 1861, admitted 1820
Williams, Thomas C., died Jan. 20, 1866, admitted 1820
Winslow, Mary, admitted 1809
Winslow, Gardner, admitted before 1820
Woodmancy, George, admitted 1809
Woodmancy, Rebecca, died Feb. 13, 1820, admitted 1809
Woodmancy, Sally, admitted 1809
Woodmancy, Betsey, admitted 1820
Woodmancy, Jeremiah, admitted 1820
Woodmancy, Polly V., admitted 1828
Woodmancy, Priscilla, admitted 1828
Woodmancy, Rebecca, admitted 1828
Wright, Samuel, admitted 1828

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