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1883 List of Pensioners on the Roll
Russell County, Kentucky

January 1, 1883

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1883 Russell County, Kentucky List of Pensioners on the Roll includes, the name of each pensioner, the cause for which pensioned, the Post Office address, rate of pension per month, and the date of original allowance.

Cert. #Name of PensionerPost OfficeAdd. Cause for pensionRateDate of original Allowance
211,498Absher, AustinJamestownchr. diar. and rheum$8.00June, 1883
202,282Bailey, JohnJamestowndis. lungs & rheum$4.00Feb., 1882
132,429Ballenger, DanielTowenaw. r. hand$4.00-
69,542Beck, MarthaJamestownwidow$8.00July, 1867
58,320Bradshaw, Thirsey SJamestownwidow$8.00May, 1867
214,832Brummet, John RCreelsboroughbronchitis & diarr$6.00-
183,808Buster, Pariah GHelms Millminor of$22.00Apr., 1879
81,685Cade, ThomasCreelsboroughloss r. arm$18.00-
198,209Canada, ReubenHorseShoe Bottomfather$8.00Dec., 1882
195,019Carroll, NancyJamestownwidow$14.00Mar., 1881
196,862Choat, BerryJamestowndis. eyes$12.00-
194,982Coe, Sarah EHorseShoe Bottomwidow$16.00Mar., 1882
47,085Conn, DelilaJabezwidow$8.00Dec., 1867
170,207Dutton, ElizabethHorseShoe Bottommother$8.00July, 1875
37,680Eades, SallyRoyaltonwidow$8.00Aug., 18??
80,239Elmore, FrancisCreelsboroughwidow$8.00July, 1867
47,446George, ElizabethHelms Millwidow  $8.00July, 1869
164,334Glover, MahalaTowenamother$8.00Mar., 1879
184,802Goodman, Jesse JCreelsboroughchr. hepatitis$12.00-
8,726Hall, ElizabethTowenawidow   $8.00Aug., 1868
131,585Hill, RichardJamestownw. l. hand$4.00July, 1882
104,015Hix, MarthaJabezwidow$8.00Dec., 1867
82,542Hopper, Martha AJamestownwidow$8.00June, 1867
170,354Hudson, Mary JJamestownwidow$8.00July, 1875
20,122Kimbler, NancyHelms Millwidow 1812$8.00Mar., 1879
96,394Lawless, Wm. JJamestownw. chest$12.00-
159,274McClure, SylvaCreelsboroughwidow$8.00Aug., 1872
19,540McFall, Sarah JJamestownwidow$8.00May, 1867
117,151McFall, WmTowenaw. breast^4.00June, 1872
195,580McGowan, AlexanderJabezdis. lungs$12.00-
134,978McKinley, Hector OTowenabronchitis & diarr$6.00June, 1872
197,215Neal, PleasantJamestowng. s. w. l. leg$4.00Nov., 1881
180,474Nicholsson, James LHelms Millminor of$10.00-
126,739Oaks, Hiram IIHorseShoe Bottomdeaf. and chr. Diarr$13.00-
196,767Oliver, John CCreelsboroughchr. diarrh$12.00-
22,205Parish, MinervaCreelsboroughwidow 1813$8.00Aug., 1879
99,737Patterson, Sarah AJamestownwidow$15.00Sept., 1867
114,046Pierce, AaronTowenaw. l. arm$8.00-
103,416Riggins, Wm. DJamestowndis. lungs, r. leg$8.00-
217,723Roy, Wm. R.Jamestowndis. lungs$4.00Sept., 1882
20,719Sharp, Sarah TJamestownwidow$8.00Sept., 1867
121,712Southerland, Henry ARoyaltonw. l. h'd$2.00Feb., 1873
21,582Stanton, RhodaJamestownwidow 1812$8.00Mar., 19??
7,967Stephens, Ellender SJamestownwidow$8.00June, 1867
47,662Sullivan, Nancy AHorseShoe Bottomwidow$8.00May, 1807
19,769Warriner, ElizabethJamestownwidow 1813$8.00Mar., I8??
195,305Waters, Henry FTowenasheum$8.00-
125,822Waters, Wm. ATowenachr. articular rheum & lung dis.$4.00Nov., 1872
95,029Wilkerson, Wm. NTowenaw. r. lung$10.00-
194,846Williams, RachelJamestownmother$8.00Mar., 1882
131,496Williams, Wm. HRoyaltonsmall pox--
221,599Wilson, JohnJamestownatrophy r. hip$2.00Dec., 1882
30,191Winfrey, LucyCreelsboroughwidow 1812$8.00Aug., 1880
212,395Winfrey, Thomas JEstochr. rheum$4.00June, 1882
111,824Wright, Clipton TJabezw. r. hand$8.00July, 1871
197,705Wright, MaryTowenamother$8.00Nov., 1882

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