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1883 List of Pensioners on the Roll
Rockcastle County, Kentucky

January 1, 1883

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1883 Rockcastle County, Kentucky List of Pensioners on the Roll includes, the name of each pensioner, the cause for which pensioned, the Post Office address, rate of pension per month, and the date of original allowance.

Cert. #Name of PensionerPost OfficeAdd. Cause for pensionRateDate of original Allowance
87,809Abbott, George W.Mount Vernonrheum. l. hip$4.00Dec. 1867
53,985Allen, John T.Mount Vernonwd. r. thigh$4.00Dec. 1865
76,571Anglin, JamesGoochlandw. r. arm$4.00-
61,559Ballinger, Abner G.Mount Vernonwd. r. shouldr. & thigh$4.00-
28,029Branaman, Mary A.Mount VernonWidow 1812$8.00Dec. 1879
87,297Brock, DavidGoochlandw. l. leg$6.00-
33,608Brown, SerenaMount Vernondept. mother$8.00Jan., 1865
60,586Childers, CyreniusMount Vernonw. l. hand$8.00-
18,326Crawford, LouiseLevel GreenWidow 1812$8.00Feb., 1879
39,501Cummins, Bluford H.Mount Vernonw. r. arm$10.00-
180,315Cummins, JamesMount Vernondis. Eyes$18.00-
79,857Debad, ClaressaMount Vernonwidow$8.00Jan., 1867
152,199Delph, Andrew J.Mount Vernondis. Lungs$6.00-
2,835Denny, DeliliahLevel GreenWidow 1812$8.00Apr., 1872
157,278Dooley, James B.Mount Vernonminor of$10.00Apr., 1872
23,461Haley, MatildMount VernonWidow 1812$8.00May, 1879
103,135Hays, Colly J.Mount Vernonshell wd. l. shoulder$4.00May, 1870
12,426Hays, ElizabethMount Vernonwidow$15.00Nov., 1873
167,213Houk, CalvinBroadbeadchr. Diarrh$6.00-
25,144Hurt, SusanGum SulphurWidow 1812$8.00June, 1879
29,266Johnson, AnnieGoochlandWidow 1812$8.00Mar., 1880
29,940Leak, SarrkBroadbeadWidow 1812$8.00July, 1880
144,802Ligman, JohnBroadbeadw. l. thigh$4.00Apr., 1877
172,171Mahaffey, Alfred B.Broadbeadinjury to abdomen$4.00Sept. 1880
52,733McGinnis, AnnaMount Vernonwidow$8.00May, 1867
150,445McQueen, Thomas J.Mount Vernoninj. Spine$18.00June, 1878
39,300Miller, JemimaMount Vernonwidow$8.00Aug., 1867
153,475Miller, Mason C.Mount Vernong.s.w.l. Shoulder$4.25June, 1878
7,293Miller, PhoebeMount Vernonwidow (1st Sec. 3, Feb., 1853)$8.00June, 1860
62,843Moore, Sylvester P.Mount Vernonw.l.foot$8.00-
161,324Nicely, AbsalomMount Vernonminor of$10.00Feb., 1873
38,082Nicely, ValentineMount Vernonw. both legs$1.00-
112,120Orme, Harriet W. J.Broadbeadwidow$8.00Apr., 1868
144,246Parker, Green A.Goochlandg. s. w. l. thigh$2.00-
42,812Phillips, John C.Goochlandw. jaws$8.00-
86,111Pitman, JoelMount VernonW. l. side$8.00-
132,447Pitman, JonasMount Vernong.s.w.r. Arm$4.00Apr., 1875
125,001Prewett, LydiaMount Vernonwidow$8.00June, 1860
52,607Price, ElizabethMount Vernonwidow$8.00Sept., 1867
52,608Price, NancyMount Vernonwidow$8.00Sept., 1867
207,370Price, Napoleon B.Mount Vernong.s.w.l. Hip and frac. l. leg$4.00Apr., 1882
31,077Reynolds, TheresaMount VernonWidow 1812$8.00Jan., 1881
198,131Reynolds, Wm. E.Mount Vernondept. father$8.00Dec. 1882
195,198Rose, Martha A.Goochlandmother$8.00Apr., 1882
1,752Salmon, Rod'kBroadbeadSurv. 1812$8.00July, 1871
162,266Scarborough, LeonardMount Vernonwd. of head, part paral. l. leg$8.00-
155,917Schockley, ThomasMount Vernonchr. Diarrh$4.00Oct., 1878
86,606Skinner, PerryMount Vernonw. r. shoulder$4.00-
93,289Smith, MaryMount Vernonwidow$8.00Apr., 1867
6,360Stringer, Cyrenius W.Mount Vernondis. l. knee$8.00-
78,965Thompson, HiramMount Vernonw. r. ankle$6.00Mar. 1867
103,634Todd, Happy J.Mount Vernonwidow$8.00Nov., 1867
49,157Whitaker, MaryMount Vernondept. mother$8.00June, 1865
200,151Williams, Augustus C.Mount Vernong.s.w.l. Arm$4.00Jan., 1882
61,451Woodall, RichardMount Vernonw. r. arm$2.00Apr., 1865

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