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1883 List of Pensioners on the Roll
Alexander County, Illinois

January 1, 1883

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1883 Alexander County, Illinois List of Pensioners on the Roll includes, the name of each pensioner, the cause for which pensioned, the Post Office address, rate of pension per month, and the date of original allowance.

Cert. #Name of PensionerPost OfficeAdd. Cause for pensionRateDate of Origional Allowance
134,711  McKernie, Henry M.Beech Ridgedeafness l. ear$2.00 -
95,394                                Gynn, De Lafayette S Cairo g.s.w. lft. shoulder                                    $6.00 Feb. 1869
65,172Clark, JesseCairochr.diarr.$4.00 -
176,162Connery, Celia A.Cairomother$8.00 Jan. 1877
24,970Stickney, SarahCairowidow 1812$8.00 June 1879
78,710Boon, Virginia A.Cairowidow$8.00 -
127,941Hill, John W.Cairovari. l. side$4.00 -
138,052Wilson, ChasCairofather$17.00 Jan. 1870
171,723Fry, Thos. W.Cairominor of$19.00 Jan. 1876
132,210Patier, Chas. O.Cairowd. r. breast$5.00 -
97,848Hutchinson, JasperCairowd. r. arm$5.33 1/3-
115,040Hardin, DunkinCairowd. l. arm$12.00 -
-Murphy, Wm M.Cairochr. diarr$10.00 -
116,158Owens, SamuelCairowd. r. leg$4.00 -
152,574Thistlewood, Napoleon B.Cairowd. r. leg$5.00 -
80,662McKearge, Geo W.Cairowd r. lung & arm$22.50 -
113,631Keifer, John L.Cairowd. l. arm$4.00 -
37,826Reeve, John A.Cairoanch. r. hip-joint$18.00 -
67,794Sullivan, EugeneCairowd. both legs, vari & ulcer r. leg$14.00 -
178,572Hogan, JohnCairowd. r. side$4.00 Nov. 1880
191,218Rector, John F.Cairodis. of abdominal viscera$7.50 June 1881
2,295Morehead, Jas. W.Cairowd. rt. arm$15.00 Oct. 1876
115,943Conant, John H.Cairowd. r. thigh$4.00 Mar. 1872
197,858Ramspott, Carl A. Jr.Cairodis. eyes$4.00 Nov. 1881
123,189Small, HenryCairoinjury to abdomen$6.00 May 1872
72,834Lynn, Bernard R.Cairowd. r. thigh$4.00 -
89,557Freeman, James C.Cairowd. r. head$18.00 -
155,527Ganthier, FrancisCairog.s. w. chest$4.00 Sept. 1878
154,606Lydy, JamesCairoloss r. eye$4.00 Aug. 1878
74,626Rhode, ChasCommercial Pointwd. lower jaw$6.00 -
144,681Curtis, Daniel W.Commercial Pointwd. head$2.00 -
173,324Stevens, MariaCommercial Pointw.m. c.$12.00 May 1876
101,517Lesley, Geo. W.E Cape Girardeauinj. l. foot$4.00 -
186,738Whitaker, MaryElcomother$8.00 Jan. 1880
47,973Leroy, ThomasElcoloss l. arm$24.00 -
24,413Briley, SamuelElcowd.l. hand & wrist$4.00 -
165,029Thompson, AlexanderElcodis. heart$18.00 Feb. 1880
212,410Butts, HenryElcodis. heart$8.00 June 1882
183,129Daily, Wm A.Elcowd. l. forearm$4.00 Feb. 1881
100,686Thurman, PerryHodge's Parkopacity cornea l. eye--
195,439Emerson, Wm N.Hodge's Parkwd. l. arm & thi$6.00 Sept. 1881
150,268Brigman, JohnSanduskywd. r. forearm$6.00 -
115,863Allen, Robt C.Sanduskyinj. l. ear, chr. diar.$11.50 -
213,178Hammond, ChasSanduskyinj. rt. knee$6.00 June 1882
171,411Dunning, HenrySanduskydis. lungs from measles$4.00 July 1880
136,832Brown, CarolineThebesmother$8.00 Nov. 1869
7,782Mansfield, Mary AThebeswidow 1812$8.00 Aug. 1878
186,778Gibbs, John A. M.Thebesnasal catarrh$4.00 Apr. 1881
196,117Linus, JamesThebesdis. heart$12.00 Sept. 1881

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