1875 Deaths extracted from the Montgomery County, New York State Census

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Amsterdam - First Election District

Name of person deceased
Date of DeathNative state or countryTrade or occupationDisease or Cause of Death
MengireSadie 5F - S July 18 Amsterdam - Diptheria
MengireCarie 9F - S July 21 Amsterdam - Diptheria
MengireCarrie27F - M July 19 Germany - Diptheria
SeruopIda B.14 F - S August 27 Montgomery-Typhoid Fever
LingenfellnJane A. 52 F - M August 13 Montgomery- Cancer
DowlingBridget59F- W Janurary 1 Montgomery - Dropsey
HolleyAbraham81M - S May 7 Montgomery - General Dibility
HongtJoseph2M- S October 5 Montgomery -Croup
AllenDavid62M- S Sept 2 Montgomery -Hemorage Bowels
WrightJohn _11/12M - S October 11 Montgomery-Consumption
LewisJohn E.1MB S March 3 New York -Whooping Cough & Croup
Hunt David15 M- S September 11 New York -Typhoid Fever
Boyd Jane C.5 5/12M- S March 22 New York- Poisoning Candy
MoreySilas Jr.6/12M- s September2 New York - Heart Disease
FrenchMargaret81 F- M April 12 Amsterdam-General Dibility
GreenwaldJohn _.2 8/12M-S May 10 Amsterdam -Brain Irritation

Transcribers notes:
_ Notes that a letter or letters were hard to read.


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