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1840 Census of Pensioners

Chittenden County, Vermont

June 1, 1840

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				Head of family,
Name			Age	with whom residing	


David Russell 82 David Russell Nathan Seymour 84 William Seymour William Kilburne 77 William Killburne Lydia Sawyer 65 Lydia Sawyer John Stacy 79 John Stacy Stephen Russell 75 Stephen Russell Alanson Adams 48 Alanson Adams Reuben Bostwick 81 Reuben Bostwick


Samuel Mills 77 Samuel Mills Dorcus Pierson 73 Hiram Pierson Elizabeth Collamer 74 Ira A. Collamer


Stephen Turrill 94 Lucy Simmons Skiff Morgan 79 Skiff Morgan Samuel Andrews 77 Samuel Cunningham Asa Narramore 78 Samuel L. Narramore Ephraim Page 45 Ephraim Page


Benjamin Adams 74 Benjamin Adams Elisha Owen 80 Elisha Owen Alpheus Hall 83 Alpheus Hall Oliver Howard 77 Oliver Howard John Blake 81 Jonathan Blake William Hewes 79 Benjamin Hewes

St. George

Jehiel Isham 78 Jehiel Isham


George Palmer 79 Robert Palmer Nanny Wilcox 88 John Wilcox Moses Dow 80 Moses Dow Rhoda Beach 79 Thaddeus L. Beach


Jeremiah Fisher 77 Jeremiah Fisher Lemuel Tubbs 91 Amos C. Richardson Amos Preston 85 Amos Preston Elizabeth Alford 75 Joshua Barnes David Webster 81 John S. Webster Claud Monty 88 John Monty Amos Mansfield, jr. 47 Amos Mansfield


Daniel Isham 88 Daniel Isham Thaddeus Graves 84 Thaddeus Graves Ebenezer Bradley 79 Timothy M. Bradley Zachariah Hart 81 Zachariah Hart Solomon S. Miller 79 Harry Miller John Brown 82 John Brown Paul Clark 83 Wright Clark Leonard Hodges 81 Leonard Hodges


John Deveraux 84 Alanson Deveraux William Humphrey 57 William Humphrey Daniel Robbins 76 Daniel Robbins


Benjamin Hawley 79 Nathan Hawley John Finch 85 John Finch John Moses 81 Jonathan Moses Sophia Buel 77 Ebenezer Buel


Stephen Butler 81 Stephen Butler David Day 82 Horatio Day Abigail Bradley 81 Horace Halbert Gideon Curtis 71 Gideon Curtis


James Taylor 75 Bartholomew F. Taylor Simeon Hooker 100 Hart Woodruff Jesse Ide 80 Jesse Ide Sylvester Crandal 87 John Coon Huldah Wilmouth 84 Henry Woodruff John Macomber 80 John Macomber Solomon Hobert 80 Solomon Hobert Thomas Atwood


James Bennett 83 James Bennett Edmund Town 77 Ira Town


Josiah Sheldon 85 Josiah Sheldon Rebecca Wells 85 Rebecca Wells Barnard Ward 76 Barnard Ward George Olds 90 Peter Martin Caleb Sheldon 84 Caleb Sheldon Samuel Calhoun 79 Alonzo Calhoun Chauncey Graves 79 Chauncey Graves Esther Rider 73 Esther Rider


Isaac Benham 79 Isaac Benham J. L. Warner 79 J. L. Warner Esther Chapin 81 Esther Chapin Benoni Chapin 82 Benoni Chapin Roger Stevens 79 Roger Stevens Ichabod Chapin 79 Ezra Church Peter L. Allen 52 Peter L. Allen Tryphena Hathaway 86 Arthur Bostwick Ellen Lee 89 Ellen Lee Simeon Davis 82 Simeon Davis

[ Vermont Census of Pensioners, 1840 ]

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