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1840 Census of Pensioners
Hillsborough County, New Hampshire

June 1, 1840

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The 1840 Hillsborough County New Hampshire Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.

				Head of family,
Name			Age	with whom residing	


William Dickey 85 William Dickey David Livermore 78 David Livermore Mary Gould 79 George Gould Martha Mann 77 Martha Mann Thomas Killom 80 Thomas Killom Daniel Killom 84 Daniel Killom Nathaniel Parmenter 85 Nathaniel Parmenter Isaac Farrar 79 Isaac Farrar Thaddeus Goodwin 87 Thaddeus Goodwin Isaac Andrews 84 Isaac Andrews William Parker 84 William Parker Daniel Russell 85 Denizen Gould Abigail Robbins 75 Charles D. Robbins Lucy McNeil 82 Solomon Mcneil


Mrs. William Jones 89 Mrs. John Averile Mrs. John Priest 73 Richard S. smart


John Morrill 78 John Morrill


Josiah Herrick 76 Josiah Herrick Mary Dinsmore 71 Samuel Dinsmore Martha McClure 79 Manly McClure Samuel Chandler 76 Samuel Chandler Abijah Barker 80 Abigail Barker James Neswith 82 James Neswith Sarah Barker 84 Moody Barker George Gates 86 Mary Hitchinson Daniel Bazzell 76 William Bazzell John Thompson 79 Thomas Thompson Sarah Hardy 75 Benjamin M. Buckminster Thomas Brown 77 Thomas Brown


Mary Priest 74 Daniel Priest Samuel Eaton 82 Samuel Eaton Ebenezer Pratt 86 Ebenezer Pratt Mary Barker 79 Mary Barker Jeremiah Fogg 81 Charles Fogg Moses Dennis 88 Moses Dennis Daniel Kimball 84 Daniel Kimball Abraham Moors 79 Isaac A. Moors Oliver, Lawrence 84 Nathaniel Dow John Brooks, 80 John Brooks Timothy Moors 85 Timothy Moors Peter Fletcher 77 Peter Fletcher

John Todd

83 John Todd Samuel Morrison 79 Samuel Morrison Sarah Matthews 79 Thomas Matthews Rebbecca Diamond 78 John Diamond David Smiley 80 David Smiley James Porter 85 Samuel Maynard Abner Hagget 81 Peter Twiss Elizabeth Blair 84 James Swan Phebe Hadley 85 Thomas Hadley


Jonathan Butler 87 Jonathan Butler Jedediah Russell 88 Ebenezer Russell Joshua Sargent 82 Joshua Sargent Oliver Perham 78 Oliver Perham Abraham Rose 80 Abraham Rose Edmund Perkins 80 Burnham Russel Phineas, Kidder 84 Phineas


Joseph Eaton 81 Lewis Martin William Holley 75 William Holley Abigail Johnson 89 Frederick A. Mitchell Ebenezer Farrington 83 Ebenezer Farrington Jacob McIntire 84 Jacob McIntire Lucy Perey 73 Lucy Perey William Brooks 79 William Simeon, Fletcher 80 Simeon Fletcher Ruhama Burnham 76 Ruhama Burnham Simon Low 85 Simon Low


Eleanor Brewster 77 Isaac Brewster William Hopkins 77 William Hopkins Sarah Dustin 77 Emerson Favor Mehitable Fisher 78 Winslow Lakin Winslow Lakin 81 Winslow Lakin Abigail Morse 75 Mark Morse William Campbell 89 Richard Fisher William McAlvin 86 William McAlvin Robert Butterfield 83 Oliver Butterfield Thomas Fisher 79 Phineas Butterfield Amos Batchelder 78 Amos Batchelder Eleanor Follansbee 80 John Follansbee Daniel Fuller 79 Daniel Fuller

New Boston

Jacob Curtice 89 Josiah Kendall Abner Hogg 81 Abner Hogg Jennett, Dickey 83 Elias Dickey Elizabeth Howe 71 Jacob Davis Hannah Griffin 82 Daniel Griffin Joseph Haradon 81 Josiah Warren Sarah Jones 82 George Jones Joseph Lamson 80 Joseph Lamson Elizabeth Mullet 86 Elizabeth Mullet William Morgan 79 Ezra Morgan


Hannah Bills 73 Hannah Bills Joseph Crosby 87 Joseph Crosby Benjamin Damon 79 Benjamin Damon David Fisk 83 David Fisk, 3d Ephraim Goss 74 Ephraim Goss Mary Howard 72 Levi Howard Nathan, Kendall 85 Nathan Kendall Mary Leavitt 75 Mary Leavitt Thomas Melendy 91 Luther Melendy John Purple 97 John Warren


John Ferguson 83 Daniel Ferguson John Gault 77 Daniel Gault Sarah Holbrook 75 Thomas G. Holbrook William Moore 80 William Moore Lydia Rundlet 90 Thomas Rundlet Eunice Shepard 77 Charles


Jonathan Bell 85 Jonathan Bell Michael Carter 76 Michael Carter Mary Poor 76 Mary Poor


Reuben Barns 84 Reuben Barns

Mount Vernon

Daniel Averill 74 Daniel Averill Ella Heywood 73 John Heywood Zephaniah Kittredge 83 Zephaniah Kittredge Solomon Kittredge 85 Solomon Kittredge Andrew Leavitt 87 William Leavitt Jonathan Lamson 84 Betsey Lamson Israel Farnum 81 Mark D. Perkins Hannah Perkins 75 Hiram Perkins


Rebecca Carlton 68 Rebecca Carlton John Fields 84 John H. Colburn John Gilson 79 John Gilson Rachel French 82 Daniel Lanabee John Odall 78 John Odall


Peter Emerson 82 James Emerson Archibald Gamble 78 Samuel Gamble Aphia Wyman 68 David Gibson Abigail Stearns 74 Moulton Mace Ephraim Stevens 82 Ephraim Stevens Olive Pollard 79 John Stark Sarah Manning 76 Samuel Worthley


Seth Cutter 82 Seth Cutter Sarah Richardson 91 James Griffin Elizabeth Gage 85 Nathan Gage Abel Gage 80 Abel Gage Nathaniel Ingalls 83 Nathaniel Ingalls Jacob Marsh 79 Prescott Jones Isaac Marshall 82 Isaac Marshall Thomas Thissell 80 Thomas Thissell, Jr. Edmund Tenney 84 Edmund Tenney


Betsey Cutter 87 Betsey Cutter Betsey Marsh 72 Hiram Marsh Andrew Stimpson 81 Andrew Stimpson


Edmund Barnard 84 Edmund Barnard William Hogg 85 Benjamin Colby Thomas Cilley 89 Thomas Cilley John Day 88 John Day Mary Lull 76 Moses Lull Hannah Cilley - Abraham Morrill Samuel Blaisdell 75 Osgood Paige Rachel Whittle 73 John Whittle, 2d


Abigail Youngman 78 Jonas Blood, Jr. Stephen Conrey 81 Stephen Conrey Abigail Colburn 85 Nathan Colburn Mary Colburn 84 Peter U. Colburn William Hale 79 William P. Hale Nathaniel Hubbard 75 Stephen Lovejoy Solomon Pierce 90 William Newton Enoch Jewett 83 Andrew Willoby Daniel Bailey 84 Daniel Bailey


Lydia Lovejoy 80 Sarah Chase Israel Hunt 82 Israel Hunt Joshua Palmer 75 Joshua Palmer Eleazer Fish 75 Joseph Waugh


Abel Hodgman 82 Abel Hodgman Hannah Hoit 80 Elisha Hoit Eleazer Gilson 83 Joseph F. Jefts


Daniel Davis 79 Daniel Davis Reuben Law 89 James Law Margaret Moor 80 Margaret Moor


Elias Boynton 85 Elias Boynton


Samuel Lovejoy 84 William Lovejoy Isaac Burpee 84 Francis wright


Sally Marble 80 Susannah Burton Joseph Gray 79 James B. Gray William Pettingill 80 William Pettingill Mary Herrick 85 Elijah Stockwell

New Ipswich

John Emery 93 John Emery Sarah Walker 77 Sarah Walker


Molly Adams 82 Jonas Adams James Gilman 86 James Gilman Micah Gates 77 Betsey Green Daniel Hill 77 Daniel Hill Tryphena Kemp 80 Jonas Prichard

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