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1840 Indiana Census of Pensioners

June 1, 1840

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The Indiana 1840 Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.

				Head of family,
Name			Age	with whom residing	

Adams County

George Emery 87 William Shepherd

Allen County

Michael Crance 97 Michael Crance
Charles Weeks, sen. 79 Charles Weeks, sen.
William Berry 76 William Berry

Bartholomew County

Samuel M. Hall 53 Samuel M. Hall
Jonathan Moore 86 Jonathan Moore Timothy Brown 78 John Mittan
Rock Creek
John Corney 83 Pleasent Corney
Solomon Tracy 90 James Carter Stephen Goble 81 Stephen Goble

Blackford County

David Kirkpatrick 76 - John Saxson 75 John Saxson

Boone County

John Kersey 77 John Kersey John McManis 81 John Shelburn Joseph Wheatler 79 Joseph Wheatler John Fogason 86 John Forgason Abram Utter 75 Abram Utter

Brown County

Abraham Floyd 85 Abraham Floyd
David Johnson 85 David Johnson William Wilkerson 101 William Wilkerson

Crawford County

Alexander Black 80 Alexander Black George Keesuker 90 William Keesuker Jeese Toney 78 Jesse Toney John Ruth 89 John Ruth

Clark County

Jacob Mikesell 83 Jacob Mikesell John Mitchill 79 John Mitchill William Gobin 82 William Gobin John Brenton 79 James McClary Elias Kelly 78 Jeremiah Perry Ezekiel Jenkins, sen. 77 Ezekiel Jenkins, sen. Enos Tuttle 78 Solomon Tuttle John Norris 66 - Elijah Carl 78 - Samuel Carr 58 Samuel Carr

Cass County

John W. Sutherland 75 Z. Sutherland

Clay County

Bowling Green
John Wheeler 56 John Wheeler
Benjamin Wheeler 92 Benjamin Wheeler
Michael Crooks 80 James Harland Lawrence Thompson 99 Thomas Wheeler
John Yocom 96 Samuel Reffet Richard Cunningham 84 Francis Cunningham
David Christy, sen. 68 David Christy, sen.

Dearborn County

Ephraim Robbins 79 - John Dickson 77 - Nathan Ricketts 81 - Robert Ricketts 75 - Francis McDonough 59 - Timothy Ward, sen. 89 -
John Kiles 84 Thomas Kiles
Moses Hendrickson 95 Moses Hendrickson James Skates 84 William Row William White, sen. 77 William White, sen.
Job Judd 86 Job Judd John C. Gibson 74 John C. Gibson Thomas James 85 Jehu Goodwin
Peter Cabah 83 Peter Cabah Samuel Marsh 79 Samuel Marsh John Baker 78 John Baker

Daviess County

William Horrall 86 William Horrall George Lashly 100 George Lashly J. Rainey 83 J. Rainey Charles Kilgore 76 Charles Kilgore

Decatur County

Jeremiah J. Dogan 77 Jeremiah J. Dogan Edward Duncan 83 Elijah W. Burris Thomas Hooton 88 Hiram Hooton John Prichard 78 John Prichard John Demoss 88 John Demoss Elijah Barnes 85 Absalom Barnes Charles Harry 79 Charles Harry John Gullion 77 Thomas Gullion Benjamin Gosnell 80 Benjamin Gosnell William McCoy 81 William McCoy Joseph Collins 84 Joseph Collins

Delaware County

John Quin 82 John Quin William Williams 78 William Williams William Wicker 81 Asa Wicker

Dobois County

James Harbison 81 James Harbison

Elkhart County

William Tuffs 92 James Selder John Maxon 49 John Maxon William Wilson 103 William Wilson

Franklin County

David Gray, sen. 92 David Gray, sen. Samuel Meredith 85 Samuel Meredith Hezekiah Stiles 79 Freeman Aulger James Ryan 67 James Ryan John Mann 90 John Mann Joseph Runnels 77 Joseph Runnels William Wiggons 97 William Sherwood Henry Eads 85 John Quick John Low 77 John Low William Symes 80 Thomas Symes Zachariah Cookry 83 Zachariah Cookry John Colyear 84 John Colyear John Portlock 77 John Portlock Peter Griner 99 Thomas Meredith

Fulton County

James Porter 36 James Porter

Fountain County

Robert McIntyre 75 John Bodly
Enos Davis 77 Samuel Campbell

Floyd County

New Albany
City Epaphras Jones 76 Epaphras
New Albany
Township Richard Jones 73 Richard Jones Adams Hart 81 Adam Hart William Wells 78 Hiram Miller
Reuben Smith, sen. 83 Reuben Smith, sen. Ingram Mitchel 83 Ingram Mitchell

Fayette County

Benjamin Pierce 81 James Stevens
Nicholas Kemmer 80 Nicholas Kemmer
Chris. Cunningham 60 Chris. Cunnington
James Justice 90 Rosanna Justice

Greene County

Joshua Burnett 87 Joshua Burnett James Blevins 79 James Blevins Edward Purcell 81 Jesse Purcell Daniel Woodsworth 88 Daniel Woodsworth Joseph Lawrence 86 Joseph Lawrence Adam Stropes 48 Adam Stropes John Buskirk 83 Joseph Buskirk John Chancy 82 Henry Burch Francis Lang 79 Francis Lang

Gibson County

John Witherspoon, sen. 83 John Witherspoon, sen. Robert Skelton, sen. 47 Robert Skelton, sen. James Wheeler 82 James Wheeler
John Pritchett 84 Elisha Pritchett

Harrison County

Akexander Gilmore 72 Akexander Gilmore
Joseph McClelan 75 Joseph McClelan
Patrick Hunter 80 Patrick Hunter
Philip Acres 86 Philip Acres
James Johnson 82 James Johnson Hanson Johnson 77 Hanson Johnson James Case 79 James Case
Blue River
Thomas Reneau 80 Thomas Reneau John Williams 84 John Williams
Edward Flothers 90 Edward Flothers Daniel Higgins 90 Daniel Higgins Thomas Hardin 81 Noah Hardin W. Sacree 73 Abram Spicklemore John Ward 90 John Ward

Henry County

Andrew Ice 84 Jesse Ice
Fall Creek
Michael McDormit 69 Michael McDormit
James Stevenson 86 Robert Boyd Richard Conaway 75 Richard Conaway
Aaron Dunn 84 John Dunn
Stoney Creek
John Pearce 61 John Pearce
Isaac Cocks 87 William H. Smith
Jacob Morris 78 William Deaver

Hamilton County

White River
Levi Holloway 107 Ebenezer Holloway
Fall Creek
John Hare 83 John Hare
Isaac Hamman 79 Isaac Hamman
William Cutts 87 William Cutts

Hancock County

Mosby Childers 93 Mosby Childers
Mr. Lawson 57 -
Robert Wilson 95 -

Jackson County

Robert B. Smith 54 Robert B. Smith Benjamin Scott 86 John Scott Christian Branaman 82 Christian Branaman Thomas Prather 78 Basil Prather David Benton 76 Walter Benton Michael Bierly 82 Michael Bierly Daniel Ross 88 Martha Ross John Russell 96 John Russell Samuel Lee 77 John L. Young Philip Langdon 80 Philip Langdon

Jay County

Peter Mason 76 - James Campbell 77 James Campbell

Jefferson County

David Sutton 64 David Sutton
Samuel Welch 76 Samuel Welch Sally Robinson 100 Jos. Tague John Conor 83 John Conor William Hallm sen. 95 William Hall, sen.
Thomas Arbuckel 95 John Arbuckel Jos. McCume 87 -

Johnson County

Matthias Parr 83 James Parr Abner Hanks 77 Abner Hanks John Parr 81 Abraham Jones Joshua Harris 83 Joshua Harris John Duke 100 Washington Duke James Kerr 84 James Kerr

Jennings County

Samuel Smith 80 James P. Smith William Messerve 79 William Messerve John Stagg 80 John Stagg William Howlett 82 William Howlett Amasa Spencer 87 Amasa Spencer Heth Frederick 77 Heth Frederick Michael Courtney 83 Woods Courtney Charles Haney 81 Charles Haney Philo Stodard 75 Philo Stodard Frederick Kyser 84 Frederick Kyser

Knox County

Moses Knight 87 - Daniel Langdon 81 Daniel Langdon John Parker, sen. 76 John Parker, sen. William Purcell 79 William Purcell Philip Catt 91 Philip Catt Michael Thorn 78 Michael Thorn William J. Welton 51 William J. Welton William McCord 80 - Cornelius Merry 77 Cornelius Peter McNelly 85 - George Snapp 89 George Snapp

Lagrange County

Van Buren
David Cowan 78 David Cowan
Morgan Young 85 Morgan Young

Laporte County

Abijah Bigelow 78 Herbert Williams Peter Bladley 53 Peter Bladley Simeon Wheeler 79 George Bentley Frederick Drollinger 87 Gabriel Drollinger

Lawrence County

Zachariah Godfrey 64 Zachariah Godfrey John Henderson 78 John Henderson David Biles 89 David Biles George Sipes 81 George Sipes Alexander Reed 85 Alexander Mitchell Leonard Houston 48 Leonard Houston

Montgomery County

Alexander Foster 83 Alexander Foster
Cole Creek
Thomas Mason 79 William Mason Matthias Hanlon 89 Matthias Hanlon
Presley Sims, sen. 90 Presley Sims, sen.

Marion County

Thomas Wells 74 - James Acheare 71 - James Dobbing 79 -
Joseph Rouse 91 - Thomas Griffin 84 -
Benjamin Miller 90 James Miller Robert Caldwell 85 William McVey
Charles Orms 79 Moses Orms John M. Johnston 75 John M. Johnston Alexander Monroe 85 Jos. Wallace John George 84 John Stuck Edward Hall 80 Edward S. Hall
John Humes 79 Thomas Humes
Stephen Pitts 41 Stephen Pitts

Morgan County

Devoult Keller 86 - Mordecai Miller 86 - David Irwin 85 - Benjamin Utterback 85 - George F. Baker 84 - Thomas Smith 77 -

Marshall County

William Bailey 56 William Bailey

Monroe County

Nicholas Fluner 52 - Isaac Buskins 81 - George W. Hardin 46 - John Back 81 - Andrew Ferguson 82 - William Wilkinson 105 -

Martin County

John Hopper 93 - Garret Vores 89 Garret Vores

Orange County

Zachariah Lindley 64 Zachariah Lindley Meredith Tongate 51 Meredith Tongate
William Irvin 78 William Irvin Joshua Nichols 85 Martin Nichols
Julius Turner 51 Julius Turner
Isam Stroud 49 Isam Stroud

Owen County

James Lloyd 50 James Lloyd
Philip Greenwood 85 Philip Greenwood
Elijah Lacy 76 -
Bartlet Asher 77 - Andrew Evans 81 -
John McCully 85 - Samuel Newel 86 - John Snoddy 82 -
John Carpenter 85 -
Obadiah Turpin 81 - Peter Withirn 77 - Hugh Barnes 67 -
James Bryant 91 - Thomas Ashbrook 82 -

Porter County

Henry Battin 91 George W. Turner

Pike County

Isaac Fisher 76 -

Perry County

James Lanman 90 George Lanman Terence Conner 84 Terence Conner Thomas Bowlin 77 Thomas Bowlin Lemuel Mallory 77 Lemuel Mallory

Parke County

David Johnson 79 Isaac Johnson Jacobus Hines 78 Jacobus Hines Jesse Duncan 85 William Green Samuel Musgrove 80 Samuel Musgrove William Long 80 William W. Clark Larkin Lane 79 Alexander Lane Daniel Stringham 75 R.H. Wedding Abel Hall 86 Abel D. Hall

Putnam County

Thomas Rhoten 85 Thomas Rhoten Isaiah Slavens 75 Isaiah Slavens
William Shepherd 80 William Shepherd
Robert Whitehead 79 Robert Whitehead
Isaac Armstrong 81 Crawford Tuggle
Laban Hall 87 Abel D. Hall Peter Stoner 77 Peter Stoner, sen. Elizabeth Cunningham 69 Benjamin S. Cunningham
Samuel Denny 85 Isaac Storm Benjamin Mehornay 79 Owen Mehornay
Nimrod H. Stone 75 Thomas C. Duckwith John A. Miller 80 John A. Miller Andrew McPheters 79 Andrew McPheters

Posey County

John Walker 80 John Walker George Nelson 80 George Nelson
Jos. McReynolds 70 Jos. McReynolds
New Harmont
John Six 80 John Six

Ripley County

Edward Pendergast 70 Edward Pendergast John Tucker 80 John Tucker Jacob Dawers 79 Jacob Dawers Conrad Dowers 76 Conrad James Delapp 85 Nathaniel Delapp Henry Myers 93 Lewis Myers
John Burchfield 74 John Burchfield Robert Burchfield 81 Robert Burchfield Samuel Gookins 78 Asa Gookins Daniel Welch 77 Esau King
Lemuel Chapman 82 - Isaac Levi 91 Martin Levi John Boldry 84 Samuel Boldry Samuel Marguest 81 Benjamin Richardson Ephraim Wilson 84 Henry Wilson

Randolph County

Stoney Creek
Samuel Ambrom 79 Samuel Ambrom Drummond Smithson (does not draw Pension yet) 85 Drummond Smithson
Nettle Creek
Robert Lumpkin 84 Robert Lumpkin
William Fitzjerrell 97 William Fitzjerrell
Green's Fork
Chris. Borders 79 William B. Borders
Jos. Chandler 87 Henry Chandler Elias Porter 84 Elias Porter

Rush County

Joel Berry 86 Hiolsworth Berry John Carson 79 John Carson Michael Smith 77 Hugh Smith
John Riley 89 John Riley Henry Smith 76 Henry Smith
John Aldridge 79 Nathan Aldridge James Fordice 77 Thomas F. Smith
John Robinson 85 John Robinson, Jr.
Mary Collins 75 Andrew McRoberts
James Hunt 85 James Hunt Henry David 78 Henry David
George Isham 81 Robert Brooks

Scott County

William Hooper, sen. - William Hopper, sen. John McCornent 55 John McCornent John Young - - Shedrick Pierson, sen. 86 - John Clark 80 - David King 51 - Benjamin Spader 78 -

Shelby County

John Thomas 77 Buckner Candel Joseph Boon 72 Joseph Boon
Black Hawk, in Jackson
Elisha Collins 49 Elisha Collins
Isaac Wheeler 78 Isaac Wheeler
John Watson 81 John Watson Robert Gordon 85 James Vanskoyke

Switzerland County

Stephen Rogers 80 Henry Rogers Charles Steward 82 Charles Steward
John M. King 42 John M. King
William Preston 75 William Preston William Buck 77 Morton Buck Thomas Mountz 76 Thomas Mountz
Andrew Stepleton 96 Andrew Stepleton Stephen G. Peabody 45 Stephen G. Peabody Daniel Heath 83 Daniel Heath Thomas Porter 78 James Porter
Abraham Scudder 77 William Scudder Robert Gulion 76 Robert Gulion

Sullivan County

Robert Bedwell, sen. 80 Robert Bedwell, sen. Matthew McCammon 85 Edward Neal James Williams 77 Stephen Williams William Dougherty 78 William Dougherty Jos. Ransford 78 William Ransford

St. Joseph County

James Wilson 59 James Wilson Isaac Ross 80 Isaac Ross John Mead 75 Eli B. Mead

Spencer County

Zachariah Bryant 75 Zachariah Bryant Nicholas Miller 77 Barney Miller David Chancellor 84 John Smith Lodowick Davis 76 Lodowick

Tippecanoe County

Henry Miller 81 Henry Miller John Wright 80 John Stean
James Shaw 82 James Shaw, sen.
Isaac Davidson 98 William W. Robinson

Union County

Matthew McClerkin 85 Matthew McClerkin Rowly McMillan 96 Rowly McMillan

Vermilion County

Francis Malone 80 Jos. Malone John Hancrous 88 Jeremiah Hancrous Richard Mack 74 Richard Mack Abraham White 78 Abraham White

Vigo County

William Ray (since dead)-99 -
Lost Creek
Walter Dickerson 78 W. Dickerson

Vanderburg County

Charles Harrington 42 -

Warren County

John Osborn 77 - David Nichols 71 -

Washington County

Micajah Callaway 83 Micajah Callaway
James Gainson 78 James Gainson Thomas Flower 77 Thomas Flower
Jesse Alvis 81 William Johnson John Galamore 78 John Galamore Benjamin Buckman 81 Benjamin Buckman
William King 87 William King William Moore 82 William Moore
William Bowman 80 Isabella Stuart Nathaniel Chambers 99 Nathaniel Chambers Buckner Daniels 79 Buckner
Joel Corkins 81 Joel Corkins Samuel Vest 81 Samuel Vest

Wayne County

New Garden
Benjamin Bishop 82 -
Abram Hendershot 96 -
Stephen Fox 81 -
William Cook 80 - Nimrod Jester 78 -
Francis Jones 75 - George Holman 77 George Holman
Richard Rue 81 Henry Ransford John Dougan 77 John Dougan, Jr.
Jacob Forry 85 Jacob Forry

Warrick County

John Alexander 84 Thomas Alexander
William Williams 85 William Williams, Jr.
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