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1840 Illinois Census of Pensioners

June 1, 1840

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The 1840 Illinois Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.

				Head of family,
Name			Age	with whom residing	

Adams County

Quincy city Second ward
Stephen Jones 77 Moses Jones
Third ward
Israel Walters 55 Israel Walters Albert Ammerman 49 Albert Ammerman Richard Rose 81 Richard Rose Charles Shepherd 86 Benjamin Ramsey

Bond County

Joseph McAdams 87 James McAdams Huldah Briggs 73 William H. Draper Peter Hubbard 84 Peter Hubbard

Brown County

Mitchell Kindrick 50 Mitchell Kindrick

Bureau County

Aaron Sturgess 80 Aaron Sturgess

Crawford County

George Baythe 85 -

Coles County

John Tutwiler 83 A. Wiley James Ryan 83 James Ryan Joseph Frost 87 Joseph Frost

Clinton County

Joseph Taylor 55 Joseph Taylor

Clay County

Samuel Parks 93 - Moses Johnson 100 - Nathaniel West 90 -

Clark County

Samuel McCure 90 Samuel McCure

Carroll County

Daniel Christian 85 George W. Christian

Calhoun County

Isaac Ruland 54 Isaac Ruland

Du Page County

Parker Chase 77 S. Dodge John Dudley 82 John Dudley Thomas Mattison 86 Stephen Mattison

Dewitt County

John Scott 77 John Maxwell Peter Cartwright 81 Samuel Cartwright

Dekalb County


Edgar County

James Ewing 35 James Ewing Daniel Rowell 80 James Wilson Lucretia Hotchkiss 71 Lucretia Hotchkiss William Gannon 95 Henry Penington

Effingham County

Martha J. Brockett 85 Thomas J. Brockett

Franklin County

William McElyea 82 William McElyea John Scarborough 79 John Scarborough Moses Jones 80 Moses Jones

Fulton County

Township 5
Christopher Zoll 88 Henry Zoll James Kitchen 77 William Hall
Township 8
Robert Beer 97 Robert Beer Jones Cline 75 Jones Cline
Township 6 N. 5 E.
Alexander Wilson 47 Alexander Wilson Hezekiah Hardesty 77 Richison Spencer R. C. Rowley 88 R. C. Rowley

Fayette County

Henry Ginger 94 William Rodger
Western Division
James Verdon 88 James Verdon

Greene County

Francis Miller 96 David Miller John Hewitt 79 John Hewitt John Clark 75 Absalom Clark Allen J. Bridges 80 Allen J. Bridges James Garrison 99 Edward Flatt Jonah Scroggin 77 R. H. Scroggin Adonijah Griswold 88 Adonijah Griswold

Gallatin County

Mr. Tong 90 Thomas Tong William Roark 78 Michael Roark John Barger 46 John Barger Reuben Bramlett 82 Reuben Bramlett Abner Foster 81 Abner Foster John Emmet 81 James Barker Joseph Mings 85 Daniel Miner Thomas Hamilton 84 Thomas Hamilton John Thadowen 85 John Thadowen William Bolton 40 William Bolton John Lamb, sen. 84 John Lamb, sen.

Hamilton County


Hancock County

Charles Betteworth 79 D. Betteworth Samuel Colwell 77 Samuel Colwell

Jefferson County

George Roper 78 George Roper Francis Haney 86 William Hicks

Jackson County

Zachariah Linsley 85 Zachariah Linsley Jesse Gordon 85 Jesse Gordon Robert Fry 85 Robert Fry

Iroquois County

Thomas Williamson 79 Thomas Williamson

Jo Daviess County

Jeremiah Bettis 49 Jeremiah Bettis

Johnson County

Samuel J. Chapman 46 Samuel J. Chapman Hezekiah West 76 Hezekiah West Daniel Chapman 80 Daniel Chapman

Knox County

Samuel Chapin 80 Gustavus Volvridge John Strange 94 John Strange

Kane County

Nathan Brown 87 Nathan Brown Daniel Burroughs, sen. 85 Daniel Burroughs, sen. William Bennett 86 William Bennett

Lawrence County

John T. Vandeventer 48 J. T. Vandeventer James Thompson 27 James Thompson William Melton 82 Benjamin Melton Benjamin Melton 76 Benjamin Melton John Struple 45 A. Andrews James Gibson 49 James Gibson Thomas West 52 Thomas West Henry Misner, sen. 84 Henry Misner, sen.

Monroe County

James McRoberts 78 James McRoberts John Jerrod 48 John Jerrod Peter Rodgers 86 Peter Rodgers Michael Miller 86 Jesse Wiswell

Morgan County

James Wright, sen. 84 James Wright, sen. Samuel Jackson 86 Samuel Jackson A. Tanner 86 - Reuben Ross 78 Reuben Ross William Springer 67 - Samuel Brown 76 -

Montgomery County

James Richardson 82 James M. Rutlidge Mason Owen 80 Mason Owen Ezra Bostick 86 Ezra Bostick

Mercer County

Jane Meadows 71 William Meadows

Menard County

Lewis Fergerson, sen. 80 Lewis Fergerson, sen. Joshua Short 90 James Short William Hohimer 42 William Hohimer Benjamin Walker 82 James Walker

McLean County

Abner Case 64 Abner Case John C. Karr 81 Tharasco Karr William McGhee 84 William McGhee

McDonough County

William Willard 89 -

Marion County

Samuel Young 80 Matthew Young Peter Finn 90 William Layson Michael Lutrell 89 Elizabeth Sheltor

Macoupin County

Uriah Gilmore 92 Seburne Gilmore Robert Busby 84 Lewis Harmon Samuel Brown 76 Alexander Montgomery Joshua Richardson 79 Joshua Richardson

Madison County

Michael Deck 82 Michael Deck William McAdam 83 Aaron Rule Francis Roach 101 David Roach William Hall, sen. 88 William Hall, sen. Benjamin Johnson 82 Benjamin Johnson Martin Pruitt 93 Solomon Pruitt John Cornelison 82 W. C. Johns Anthony A. Harrison 77 William L. Harrison Asa Brooks 48 Asa Brooks William Bates 82 William Bates Richard Randle 88 Richard Randle

Ogle County

Aaron Payne 50 Aaron Payne

Pope County

Arthur Hagan 41 - Daniel Hancock 78 -

Pike County

Samuel Reagan 48 Samuel Reagan John Patterson 50 John Patterson Horace S. Holladay 56 - David Kehr 78 Jane Watson David Callier 48 David Callier Elias Scouton 66 Elias Scouton Hugh McNary 79 James McNavy Nathaniel Perrin 78 Nathaniel Perrin

Perry County

W. C. Murphy 40 William C. Murphy Leonard Lipe 77 Leonard Lipe John Banes 80 John Bates

Peoria County

William Crow 81 James Crow Winney Rhinearson 51 Winney Rhinearson John Montgomery 75 John Hines Phineas Bronson 76 Phineas Bronson James Pierce 52 -


William Sharp 78 -

Sangamon County

Philip Crowder 80 Philip Crowder Joel Maxcy 78 Joel Maxcy John Overstrett 80 Dabna Overstrett John Lockridge 79 William A. Lockridge Joseph R. Young 32 J. R. Young

St. Clair County

Moses Land, sen. 76 Moses Land Hosea Rigs 80 Hosea Rigs

Shelby County

John Jenkins 87 Van. C. Dawson Zebedee Smith 46 Zebedee Smith

Scott County

Margaret Stout 83 Nathaniel Stout John Clarke 69 Jacob Bryan Louisa McEvers 78 Seneca McEvers

Schuyler County

Anna Hinman 68 W. Hinman Moses Justice 85 Moses Justice

Tazewell County

Norman Newell 79 Thomas Brooks Eliot Gray 85 Eri Gray Basil Meeks 79 Basil Meeks

Union County

George Brown, sen. 78 George Brown, sen.

Vermilion County

Martha Hulse 78 John Johnson Huldah Bolton 66 Jonathan Patterson Joseph Coughran 74 William Fields Jacob Gundy 73 Joseph Gundy Robert Bailey 85 Robert Bailey

Williamson County

John Painter 84 John Painter Benajah Gill 80 Benajah Gill John G. Lumpkins 84 John G. Lumpkins

Will County

Ebenezer Collins - John V. Singer

Whiteside County

Alexander Thompson 82 Alexander Thompson

White County

Nathan Gaggers 81 Anna Driggers Mathias Parr 85 Edmund Thomason Henry Morgan 87 Henry Morgan Daniel Powell 48 Daniel Powell Daniel Chapman 70 Daniel Chapman Joseph Hawthorn 84 William Hawthorn

Wayne County

John H. Mills 79 John H. Mills Thomas Sloan 79 Thomas Sloan James Stuart 78 James Stuart George Clark 84 George Clark

Washington County

George Brown 88 George Brown M. S. McMillion 33 M. S. McMillon Thomas McClerken, sen. 95 Thomas McClerken, sen. James Thompson 36 James Thompson

Warren County

Benjamin Blankenship 80 Benjamin Blankenship William Willard 89 John Willard David Lynn 76 Samuel Lynn

Wabash County

Jonathan Goss 80 Jonathan Goss Nathaniel Hendryx 85 Nathaniel Hendryx Andrew Tuttle 81 Andrew Tuttle Alexander Stewart 90 Alexander Stewart Allen Ramsey 76 Allen Ramsey

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