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1820 Pension List: South Carolina

January 20, 1820

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The South Carolina 1820 Pension List is a report of the names of the Revolutionary Pensioners which have been placed on the roll of South Carolina, under the law of the 18th of March, 1818, from the passage thereof to this day, inclusive, with the Rank they held, and the lines in which they served, viz.

Ashley, William corporal Pulaski's Legion
Artis, John private South Carolina
Allen, William private South Carolina
Burton, Richard private Georgia
Bacot, Peter captain North Carolina
Blaikley, William private Not continental; stricken from the roll, 1st December, 1819
Bird, John lieutenant South Carolina
Butler, John private Virginia
Berry, Lydford private Lee's legion
Brown, James private South Carolina
Brown, Joseph private North, Carolina
Bratcher, Samuel private North, Carolina
Brown, John private South Carolina
Boswell, Jesse private Maryland
Bryant, William private North Carolina
Brown, William private South Carolina
Britt, Richard private South Carolina
Cudworth, Nathaniel major Massachusetts
Caswell, Job private Massachusetts
Curbow, Joseph private North Carolina
Croes, Joseph private Virginia
Conway, James private Virginia
Cockrill, William private South Carolina
Cook, Lewis private Virginia
Cook, John private South Carolina
Clanahan, Robert private Maryland
Cole, Henry private North Carolina
Cole, Martin private North Carolina
Carter, Isam private South Carolina
Cook, John, 2d private South Carolina
Cowley, Robert private South Carolina
Crawford, John private South Carolina
Cole, Thomas private North Carolina
Cooper, Thomas private Virginia
Commins, Harmon private Virginia
Dean, Thomas private Thompson's Ranger
Day, William private Virginia
Devlin, James private South Caroline
Dougherty, John private Pennsylvania
David, Peter private South Carolina
Dean, Julius private Georgia
Dick, Charles private South Carolina
Evans, Batte Private Virginia
Enlow, Deason private South Carolina
Evans, Perry private Maryland
Elkins, Johnson sergeant South Carolina
Frey, Philip Martin drummer South Carolina
Francis, Samuel private South Carolina
Goodwin, Theophilus private North Carolina
Griffin, Jesse private North Carolina
Gilmore, Daniel private Virginia
Gregory, Isaac private North Carolina
Garner, Samuel private South Carolina
Gassaway, James private Virginia
Gossling, George private South Carolina
Gibhart, Adam private Maryland
Head, Richard M. cornet Armand's Legion
Hastings, Robert private Delaware
Huffman, John private virginia
Hawkins, Joshua private Virginia
Harris, Goodman private North Carolina
Hutchinson, Stephen private Virginia
Hinds, John private South Carolina
Halks, James private Virginia
Houston, Hugh private North Carolina
Jackson, Joshua J. private New York
Inlow, John private South Carolina
Jones, Jacob private North Carolina
Inlow, Thomas private State service-stricken from roll
Knox, William private South Carolina
Kea, Charles private Virginia
Knowlton, Grant private South Carolina
King, James private Virginia
Kolb, Thomas sergeant South Carolina
King, John private Virginia
Kirkpatrick, James private South Carolina
Kennard, Benjamin private Pennsylvania
Knox, Hugh private South Carolina
Kirkpatrick, Stephen private South Carolina
Kelly, Abraham private South Carolina
Lowe, Basil private Armand's Legion
Lyon, Edward private Virginia
Ligan, Blackman private Virginia
Miller, John private Virginia
Melloy, Andrew private South Carolina
Masters, Thomas private Virginia
Mursh, Robert private Virginia
Melston, Isham private Virginia
Mc Cary, Richard private Virginia
Mayner, Henry private North Carolina
McEntire, John private New Hampshire
Martin, William private South Carolina
Noble, William private North Carolina
Odam, Aaron private North Carolina
Owens, Thomas private Pennsylvania
Petrie, George lieutenant South Carolina
Perrit, Needham private North Carolina
Pruit, Joshua private North Carolina
Philips, Levi private Virginia
Reames, Joshua private North Carolina
Rowan, Benjamin private South Carolina
Russell, James private South Carolina
Rochester, Nicholas private North Carolina
Roebuck, George private North Carolina
Rozier, William private South Carolina
Smith, Simeon private North Carolina
Strange, James matross South Carolina
Simpkins, Charles private Maryland
Spivey, Moses private South Carolina
Sarzedas, David lieutenant Georgia
Souther, Gershom private Georgia
Seay, James private Virginia
Smith, John private South Carolina
Stewart, James private Georgia
St. George, George private Connecticut
Scott, James private South Carolina
Scott, David private North Carolina
Satley, James private South Carolina
Smith, William private South Carolina
Speake, Richard private South Carolina
Turner, George private Georgia
Temple, John private Virginia
Taylor, Jonathan private Virginia
Townsend, William private Virginia
Thompson, John private South Carolina
Truhitt, Stephen private North Carolina
Wiseman, Thomas private Maryland
Wagster, William private South Carolina
Weaver, Henry private South Carolina
Wickley, John captain South Carolina
Young, James private Virginia

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