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1820 Pension List: Ohio

January 20, 1820

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The Ohio 1820 Pension List is a report of the names of the Revolutionary Pensioners which have been placed on the roll of Ohio, under the law of the 18th of March, 1818, from the passage thereof to this day, inclusive, with the Rank they held, and the lines in which they served, viz.

Allen, Asher private Connecticut
Aldred, Henry private Virginia
Albert, John private Pennsylvania
Ader, Morris private New Jersey
Atkins, Josiah private Connecticut
Adams, Moses private Connecticut
Alford, John private Pennsylvania
Allen, Elihu private Massachusetts
Alexander, John private Pennsylvania
Anderson, Henry private Virginia
Adams, Robert private Virginia
Andrus, Clement private Connecticut
Aldridge, John private Virginia
Applegate, Benjamin private New Jersey
Bowers, John drummer New Jersey
Blackburn, James private Pennsylvania
Ballard, Jesse captain Rhode Island
Beach, Roswell private Connecticut
Bellis, Nathaniel ensign Massachusetts
Babbs, John private Maryland
Blackman, Elijah captain Rhode Island
Brown, Benjamin captain Massachusetts
Brown, Samuel lieutenant Massachusetts
Burnham, Jeremiah private Massachusetts
Burgess, John private New York
Bushong, Jacob private Virginia
Bostwick, Ebenezer private Connecticut
Brewer, Henry private Armand's Corps
Barr, John private Connecticut
Bowen, Michael private Pennsylvania
Buker, Israel private Massachusetts
Barnard, Thomas private Virginia
Butler, Stephen private Connecticut
Blue, John private New York
Bagley, Azor private New York
Brant, John private New Jersey
Bower, Jacob private Pennsylvania
Bunting, Ramoth private New Jersey
Beardsley, Elijah private Connecticut
Baruse, Robert private Died 15th June, 1818
Beall, Obadiah corporal Massachusetts
Balitz, George private Pennsylvania
Bodwell, William private Massachusetts
Brown, John private Virginia
Bradford, Robert captain Massachusetts
Baskerville, Samuel lieutenant Virginia
Bellamy, Asa private Connecticut
Baker, Michael sergeant Pennsylvania
Burnet, Squire private New Jersey
Boyd, Francis private Virginia
Bierce, William sergeant Connecticut
Burnside, Jonathan private Virginia
Burns, John sergeant Virginia
Burrell, Jedediah private New Jersey
Burton, Joshua private Maryland
Buck, William private Pennsylvania
Bonwell, James private Virginia
Booth, Edward private Maryland
Burke, Sylvanus private Massachusetts
Becket, Humphrey private Maryland
Buck, John private Pennsylvania
Baldwin, Stephen private Massachusetts
Bell, William private Virginia
Byrn, Lawrence private Pennsylvania
Bridge, Benjamin private Baldwin's Congress Reg't.
Blain, Alam private Pennsylvania
Brown, Isaac private Virginia
Blunt, William private Virginia
Brown, Oliver private Connecticut
Bay, David private Virginia
Barns, John private Virginia
Barnet, George private Pennsylvania
Bantham, John private Maryland
Bacon, Nehemiah private Connecticut
Butler, Asaph private New Hampshire
Beall, Thomas private Maryland
Briley, John private Maryland
Baumgarten, Henry private Armand's Corps
Bixby, Benjamin private Connecticut
Bayley, Timothy private New Hampshire
Beaumont, Samuel private Connecticut
Blankinship, Benjamin private Virginia
Bonnel, Paul private Pennsylvania
Brooks, Charles private Virginia
Bartow, Jonah private New York
Beach, Obiel private Connecticut
Bareth, John private Armand's Corps
Badger, Joseph private Massachusetts
Colson, Christopher private Massachusetts
Cornell, Daniel private Not continental; struck from roll
Chambers, William private Connecticut
Coldon, Redman private Pennsylvania
Clark, John private Pennsylvania
Copple, Daniel private German Battalion
Curry, James captain Virginia
Clark, Israel private Connecticut
Colman, John private Pennsylvania
Cook, Johnson sergeant Connecticut
Currier, Seargent private New Hampshire
Crosier, John lieutenant Massachusetts
Camp, John private Pennsylvania
Carrol, George private Maryland
Chambers, James private New Jersey
Colgan, William dragoon Virginia
Clancey, John private Maryland
Caulkins, Roswell private Connecticut
Curts, Michael private Pennsylvania
Curtiss, Zerah private Connecticut
Curtis, Joel private Connecticut
Cyprus, Andrew private Virginia
Copes, Southey sergeant Virginia
Chevalier, Anthony private Virginia
Campbell, John private Virginia
Crosby, David corporal Connecticut
Craig, Thomas, sen'r private Maryland
Garson, Samuel private Pennsylvania
Critchard, Benjamin private New Hampshire
Cook, Joel private Connecticut
Childers, Mosby private Virginia
Cherry, Henry private New Jersey
Cotten, John lieutenant Massachusetts
Copis, William private Virginia
Clark, John, 2d private Virginia
Campbell, William private Pennsylvania
Crumb, Christopher private New York
Campbell, Enos private New Jersey
Chapman, Lemuel private Massachusetts
Costigan, Francis lieutenant New Jersey
Canfield, Elijah private Connecticut
Crum, Adam private Maryland
Crittenden, Gideon private Connecticut
Center, Jonathan private Pennsylvania
Cochrane, Abner private Massachusetts
Craigo, Robert private Pennsylvania
Clevenger, Eben private Virginia
Clay, Daniel private New Hampshire
Chandler, Joseph private Connecticut
Coburn, Phineas private Massachusetts
Cunningham, Patrick private Pennsylvania
Cisna, Stephen private Pennsylvania
Craig, James private New Hampshire
Casey, Jacob private Virginia
Cunningham, Thomas private Pennsylvania
Clark, William private Virginia
Clifton, Thomas private Maryland
Coe, Ebenezer lieutenant Pennsylvania
Coleman, Neniad private Virginia
Craig, John private New Hampshire
Cackler, Christian private Pennsylvania
Cook, Roswell drummer Connecticut
Crow, Christian private Pennsylvania
Davis, Daniel private New Jersey
Deets, Adam musician Virginia
Downey, Thomas private Pennsylvania
Dickerson, Thomas private Pennsylvania
Dugan, Henry private Pennsylvania
Davis, Jonathan private New Jersey
Durham, John private North Carolina
Dailey, Elias private Pennsylvania
Dovenberger, David private Pennsylvania
Delong, John private Pennsylvania
Dailey, Dennis private Virginia
Dugan, William private New Jersey
Deaver, William private Maryland
Devon, James, or Devaun private Maryland
Dike, Henry private Virginia
Dunbar, William private New York
Davis, Dudley corporal Massachusetts
Done, Richard private Connecticut
Derrough, John private Virginia
Dean, Benjamin private Virginia
Dye, John private Pennsylvania
Day, Jeremiah private New Jersey
Darby, William drummer Pennsylvania
Davidson, Joshua sergeant Pennsylvania
Davis, Jonathan, 2d private New Jersey
Daily, Samuel private Massachusetts
Denoon, John private Maryland
Dennis, Andrew private Pennsylvania
Devol, Jonathan lieutenant Rhode Island
Dawson, James private Virginia
Elwell, Thomas matross Pennsylvania
Earenfight, Jacob private Pennsylvania
Ellingwood, Benjamin private New Hampshire
Eldred, Samuel lieutenant Massachusetts
Edge, John private Virginia
Evans, Anthony fife major Pennsylvania
Elkins, William private Maryland
Ervin, James lieutenant Pennsylvania
Edwards, Thomas sergeant Maryland
Emerson, Jonathan private New Hampshire
Ettinger, Jacob private Pennsylvania
Fletcher, Sherebiah private Massachusetts
Finley, Joseph L. major Pennsylvania
Foster, Asa private Connecticut
Foster, Ephraim private New Hampshire
Fisher, Henry private Pennsylvania
Fitzgerald, Henry private Pennsylvania
Fowler, Caleb private Connecticut
Flood, William private Virginia
Francis, George private Maryland
Fleming, Robert private Pennsylvania
Faulkner, William private Pennsylvania
Fennell, Stephen private Maryland
Flint, Philip private Virginia
Fellows, Parker private Massachusetts
Fox, Stephen private Connecticut
Fountain, Stephen private Massachusetts
Fuller, Joseph sergeant Massachusetts
Falkner, John private Pennsylvania
Frisbie, Luther private Massachusetts
Fancher, Isaac private Virginia
Fleehart, Massy private Pennsylvania
Fritts, Valentine private Virginia
Gill, Daniel private Pennsylvania
Gaylord, Jonathan sergeant Connecticut
Gilson, Eleazar private Connecticut
Geoghegan, Anthony private Maryland
Gray, James private Massachusetts
Greenman, Jeremiah lieutenant Rhode Island
Gillet, Nathaniel fife major Connecticut
Gates, Timothy private Massachusetts
Gates, William private Maryland
Green, John private Massachusetts
Gillis, Arthur private Pennsylvania
Geer, Gurdon private Connecticut
Grant, William private Pennsylvania
Grove, Jonas private Virginia
Goodrich, John H. private Connecticut
Glover, William private Delaware
Green, John, 2d private Virginia
Gosset, John private Virginia
Geer, Jedediah private Connecticut
Goss, Ebenezer private Pennsylvania
Hubbell, John sergeant New Jersey
Haskill, Moses private Massachusetts
Hicks, Durfee marine Ship Prividence
Huston, Hugh private Pennsylvania
Hamilton, Robert private Pennsylvania
Hamilton, Charles corporal Delaware
Hurley, Cornelius private Virginia
Howe, Amasa private Massachusetts
Hamblin, Levi private Connecticut
Henderson, Jonathan private Massachusetts
Hunter, Robert private South Carolina
Harman, Conrad private Pennsylvania
Hardin, Richard private Pennsylvania
Hughes, Henry private Virginia
Hadley, Moses private New Jersey
Herrick, Libbeus private Connecticut
Haseltine, John private Massachusetts
Holt, Evan private Pennsylvania
Hobaugh, Philip private Pennsylvania
Hill, George private Virginia
Humphreys, Jacob private Virginia
Harvey, Edward private Virginia
Hisel, Frederick private Virginia
Hill, Henry private Virginia
Hutchins, Hollis private Massachusetts
Holister, Nathan private Massachusetts
Heart, Reuben private Connecticut
Hicks, John private Virginia
Hallaway, John private North Carolina
Hicock, David private Connecticut
Hickock, Durlin private Massachusetts
Holton, John private Pennsylvania
Hinsdale, Elisha private Connecticut
Hutten, George private Pennsylvania
Heffner, Jacob private Maryland
Hobart, William private New Hampshire
Holcomb, Elijah private Pennsylvania
Hawbeard, Thomas private Pennsylvania
Hopkins, James private Virginia
Hill, Simon private Virginia
Hulse, James private Virginia
Hoskinson, Josiah sergeant major Maryland
Holom, Samuel private Pennsylvania
Jolly, Henry private Pennsylvania
Jack, Thomas sergeant Pennsylvania
Jones, Solomon ensign Massachusetts
Jacobs, John private Pennsylvania
Johnson, William sergeant Maryland
Johnson, Silas private Virginia
Johnson, Benjamin private Connecticut
Justice, Robert private Pennsylvania
Jackson, Joseph private Pennsylvania
Jones, Asa sergeant Connecticut
Jones, Joseph, Jr. private Massachusetts
Irwin, James corporal Massachusetts
Jackson, James private Maryland
Johnson, Thomas private Pennsylvania
Johnson, Philemon private New Hampshire
Jones, Samuel private Virginia
Isham, George I. private Connecticut
Isbel, Joel private Connecticut
Knowles, James private Massachusetts
King, John G. private Pennsylvania
Knowlton, Robert private Massachusetts
Kelley, John private Virginia
Kennedy, Andrew private Pennsylvania
Keyes, Daniel sergeant Massachusetts
Knight, Elijah private Connecticut
Kelsimere, Francis private Maryland
Kephart, Martin private Maryland
Kennard, John private Maryland
Keelor, Thomas private New Jersey
Kirkum, Philemon sergeant Connecticut
Kimball, Andrew private New Hampshire
Knapp, John fifer Virginia
Knight, Jacob private Maryland
Kent, Isaac private Maryland
Kimball, Jared private Connecticut
Langham, Elias lieutenant Virginia
Linscutt, Samuel private Massachusetts
List, John private New York
Lee, James private Virginia
Lewis, Samuel corporal Pennsylvania
Lee, William sergeant Pennsylvania
Legore, John private Pennsylvania
Lynch, Peter private Pennsylvania
Lama, William private Pennsylvania
Loveland, Frederick private Massachusetts
Laster, Thomas private Pennsylvania
Liggins, William private Pennsylvania
Lafler, John ensign New Hampshire
Larkins, James sergeant Pennsylvania
Lindsey, Hezekiah private Virginia
Lingo, Henry private Pennsylvania
Lee, William C. private Maryland
Leeton, Benjamin private Maryland
Leonard, Patrick private Pennsylvania
Legg, John private Virginia
Landon, James private New Jersey
Laughlin, Dennis O. private Pennsylvania
Lindsey, James private Virginia
Lyon, Abraham private New Jersey
Liske, John private Virginia
Larabee, John private Massachusetts
Logan, Patrick private Virginia
Loar, Henry private Maryland
Miller, Josias private Maryland
Morley, Daniel private Connecticut
Mills, John private Massachusetts
Mingus, Joseph, or Myngos private New York
Magee, Peter lieutenant New York
Mitchell, Robert private Virginia
M'Mahon, John private Pennsylvania
M'Elroy, John fife major Pennsylvania
Murry, Neal private Pennsylvania
Mitchell, Nathaniel private Pennsylvania
M'Knight, John private Maryland
Montgomery, John private Pennsylvania
Meeds, Cato private Connecticut
Munson, Isaac private Connecticut
M'Donough, Redmont private Virginia
M'Clelland, Hugh private Pennsylvania
Martin, Robert private Maryland
Mulloy, Hugh lieutenant Massachusetts
Moore, Jonathan private New Jersey
Mason, Thomas private Delaware
M'Carroll, John private Pennsylvania
Murphy, John private Virginia
M'Kee, Samuel private Pennsylvania
Morris, Cornelius private Maryland
Mix, Amos private Connecticut
Mintun, John sergeant New Jersey
M'Farland, Walter private Pennsylvania
Mansfield, Samuel fifer Maryland
Manning, William sergeant Connecticut
Miller, Thomas ensign Virginia
M'Quown, John private Virginia
M'Gee, William private New Hampshire
Moss, Isaac private Massachusetts
Mayberry, William musician Pennsylvania
M'Ever, James private Massachusetts
M'Daniel, Patrick private Pennsylvania
Murphy, James private Pennsylvania
M'Burney, James private New Jersey
Manlove, William private Delaware
Morgan, George private Pennsylvania
Montgomery, Hugh private Virginia
M'Ghoggan, Alexander private Pennsylvania
Munroe, Leonard private Connecticut
Martin, John lieutenant New Jersey
M'Cullough, Robert private Connecticut
Miles, John private Virginia
Mansfield, Jonathan private Massachusetts
Moore, Elijah private New Jersey
Masters, Stephen private New Jersey
Montgomery, Mitchell L.K. private Pennsylvania
Moore, Simeon private Connecticut
M'Fadden, Connelly private New Jersey
Marshall, Richard private Virginia
Magin, Charles private Maryland
Moody, Alexander private Pennsylvania
M'Henry, Richard private Pennsylvania
M'Clain, William private Pennsylvania
M'Connel, Francis private New Jersey
M'Mahan, Abner private New Jersey
M'Kelvey, William private Pennsylvania
M'Clunie, Michael private Pennsylvania
M'Mullen, Neil private Pennsylvania
M'Curdy, Robert private Pennsylvania
Mungee, William corporal Massachusetts
Menely, Jesse private New Jersey
M'Guinnes, James private Pennsylvania
Morgan, Pelatiah private Massachusetts
Marshall, George private Virginia
De Marianville, Charles private Rhode Island
Moreland, John private Virginia
M'Intire, Thomas private Pennsylvania
M'Murray, William private Pennsylvania
M'Guire, Charles private Pennsylvania
Mott, Ezekiel private New York
Nice, William private Pennsylvania
Norris, William private Virginia
Norman, Bazaheel private Maryland
Newland, John private Virginia
Niles, Gaius private New Hampshire
Nestler, John private New Jersey
Newton, Hannahiah private Massachusetts
Nichols, James private Rhode Island
Owen, William private Pennsylvania
Overstreet, John private Virginia
Olmstead, Francis private Connecticut
Orchead, Thomas private Pennsylvania
Osborn, Joseph private New Jersey
Osbourne, Hugh marine Ship Alliance
Pelham, William surgeon Virginia
Pixley, Elijah, or Picksley musician Connecticut
Potts, John private Virginia
Peirce, Samuel private Connecticut
Peirson, David private New Jersey
Porterfield, Robert private Rhode Island
Peters, Jacob private Massachusetts
Parker, Jonathan captain Connecticut
Potts, Jonathan private Virginia
Price, Nathaniel gunner New York
Price, Nathaniel, 2d private Maryland
Prichard, Benjamin private Connecticut
Peterson, Conrad private Virginia
Pegg, Benjamin private Pennsylvania
Polley, Daniel private Connecticut
Potts, David private Virginia
Peacock, Neal private Maryland
Potter, Joseph private New Jersey
Phillips, John private Virginia
Peirson, Abraham private Pennsylvania
Posey, Zephaniah private Virginia
Paine, William private Maryland
Poe, John private Virginia
Potter, Joseph, 2d private Massachusetts
Pease, Joel private Connecticut
Perry, Abijah private Connecticut
Pearson, Matthew private New Jersey
Powers, Simeon private New Hampshire
Pollock, Elijah private Connecticut
Pigsley, Paul private Massachusetts
Pensall, Benjamin private Pennsylvania
Porter, Hugh private Pennsylvania
Pegg, Elias private Pennsylvania
Price, Joseph private Pennsylvania
Palmer, John private Virginia
Pierson, Samuel private Connecticut
Preston, David private Connecticut
Parsons, Harmon private New Jersey
Reynolds, George ensign New Jersey
Rice, Oliver lieutenant Massachusetts
Rush, James private Pennsylvania
Ridlin, John private Massachusetts
Rue, Benjamin ensign Pennsylvania
Robinson, John private Virginia
Richardson, James private Virginia
Rogers, William private New Jersey
Richards, James private Virginia
Reed, George private New Jersey
Rugg, Moses private Massachusetts
Rider, Adam private Virginia
Rutherford, Robert private Virginia
Reddick, William private Pennsylvania
Rogers, Bixbee private Connecticut
Roach, William private Pennsylvania
Rager, Leonard private Virginia
Rankins, Daniel private Maryland
Raymer, Philip private Pennsylvania
Richardson, Samuel private Maryland
Reynolds, Justus musician Connecticut
Rilea, Richard private Virginia
Reed, Amos private New Jersey
Robinson, John, 2d private Maryland
Rhodes, William private Virginia
Robinson, Oliver private Massachusetts
Robeson, Macimillian private Virginia
Rankin, Henry private Pennsylvania
Remay, John private Virginia
Reddington, Daniel private Massachusetts
Reiley, James private Pennsylvania
Reynolds, John private Pennsylvania
Robinson, Daniel private Massachusetts
Sipril, Nicholas private Pennsylvania
Sage, Harlehigh private Connecticut
Shreve, Godfrey private Massachusetts
Shreve, Paul private Pennsylvania
Springer, Jacob private New Jersey
Smith, William private Virginia
Strong, Barnabas private Connecticut
Swinnerton, James private Massachusetts
Shubbuth, William private Virginia
Smith, David private New York
Stackhouse, Amos private New Jersey
Sockman, John private Pennsylvania
Shepherd, Phinehas private Connecticut
Smith, Obadiah private New York
Sinclair, George private New Jersey
Sacket, Skeen Douglas private Connecticut
Symmond, Henry private Pennsylvania
Swett, Jonathan private Massachusetts
Sherburne, Andrew seaman Ranger
Smith, Henry private Massachusetts
Simpson, John private Virginia
Storms, Abraham private New Jersey
Smith, John private Massachusetts
Sage, Samuel sergeant Pennsylvania
Sibliss, Thomas private Massachusetts
Shaw, John private Maryland
Seley, John private Massachusetts
Simonton, Thomas private Pennsylvania
Smith, Johnston private Virginia
Silvester, Joseph private Massachusetts
Smith, Nicholas private New York
Slote, Peter G. private New York
Sullivan, Patrick private Pennsylvania
Stephens, Nicholas private New Jersey
Summer, Samuel private Massachusetts
Smith, William, 2d private Delaware
Shaffer, Jacob private New Jersey
Shouse, Christian sergeant Pennsylvania
Smith, Jonathan lieutenant Virginia
Spyers, Richard private Maryland
Smith, David private Connecticut
Smith, William, 3d private Delaware
Severn, Jesse private New Jersey
Speake, William private Virginia
Sprague, Joseph private Connecticut
Sampson, Isaac private New York
Sackett, David lieutenant Massachusetts
Simpson, Josiah private New Hampshire
St. Clair, James sergeant New Hampshire
Sherman, Timothy private Massachusetts
Stothard, Thomas private Virginia
Stump, Jacob private Virginia
Spencer, Beverley private Virginia
Shields, Tobias private Pennsylvania
Starks, Pardon T. private Massachusetts
Stout, Elisha private New Jersey
Shepherd, William private Massachusetts
Smith, Jonathan private Massachusetts
Seward, John private Massachusetts
Stannage, Thomas private Virginia
Sewall, Thomas private Virginia
Simpson, Thomas corporal Maryland
Spencer, William private Virginia
Stump, Lewis private Virginia
Thayer, Bartholomew lieutenant Massachusetts
Thompson, James private Pennsylvania
Trible, Joseph F. private Virginia
Thompson, Joseph private New Hampshire
Trotter, Christopher private Armand's corps
Thompson, John private New York
Torrence, Thomas private Massachusetts
Turner, John private Delaware
Tryon, Ezra private Connecticut
Thompson, Isaac lieutenant Pennsylvania
Townsend, Robert private Rhode Island
Tucker, James private Virginia
Tucker, Isaac private Massachusetts
Thompson, Seth private New Hampshire
Tway, John private New Jersey
Thomas, Jonathan private New Hampshire
Thompson, John, 2d private Virginia
Tollen, Cornelius private Pennsylvania
Thompson, John colonel Virginia
Trowbridge, Ebenezer private Connecticut
Tuttle, John private Massachusetts
Timmons, Robert private Delaware
Terney, James private Pennsylvania
Thompson, Abraham private New Jersey
Tucker, John private Virginia
Vail, Solomon private Virginia
Vanostran, George private New Jersey
Vicory, Merifield musician Pennsylvania
Williams, John sergeant Pennsylvania
Williams, William private Virginia
White, John private Pennsylvania
Wyrick, Peter private Pennsylvania
Williams, James private Maryland
Watters, John private Pennsylvania
Walter, Christopher private Pennsylvania
Wood, Jonathan private New Hampshire
Welch, Ebenezer fifer Connecticut
Watters, James private Virginia
Warren, Peter private Massachusetts
Wilson, John private Virginia
Walch, James private Virginia
Wheeler, Amos private Massachusetts
Wilder, Reuben W. private Massachusetts
Williams, James, 2d private Pennsylvania
Winham, George private Maryland
Waterman, Ignatius private Connecticut
Woodward, Oliver private Connecticut
Witter, Joseph private Massachusetts
White, William private Virginia
Wyeth, Joshua private Massachusetts
Williams, John private Pennsylvania
Waggoner, Jacob private German Reg't.
Waters, Thomas, sen private Virginia
Wolf, Michael private Virginia
Wilcox, Joel private Connecticut
Wilkinson, Ichabod private Connecticut
Wood, James private Virginia
Williams, Thomas private Pennsylvania
Wood, Ebenezer private Lee's legion
Williams, Lewis private Pennsylvania
Walker, Samuel private New York
Walker, Meshec private New Jersey
White, Thomas private Virginia
Weightman, George private Virginia
Waits, Jenks private Rhode Island
Wolcott, Benajah private Connecticut
Williamson, Henry private New Jersey
Wiley, Samuel private Massachusetts
Warden, James private Maryland
Wales, Eliel private Connecticut
Woodworth, Richard private Pennsylvania
Webb, Barruck private Maryland
Warren, Edward private Pennsylvania
Wells, Timothy sergeant Connecticut
Wallace, Joseph private Rhode Island
Wardell, William private Connecticut
Willard, James private Massachusetts
Wilcox, Hosea private Connecticut
Wilson, William private Pennsylvania
Wilson, Matthew private Pennsylvania
Young, Christopher private Virginia

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