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Vermont Pensioners Of The United States, 1818

March 28, 1818

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LIST of Invalid Pensioners of the United States, belonging to the State of Vermont, and paid at Bennington, with the annual allowance to each annexed, viz:

Ainsworth, Welcome Private 96
Allen, Lyman Ditto 32
Adams, Alanson Ditto 72
Allen, Jonathan Ditto 32
Beden, William Corporal 57.6
Bradish, Samuel Private 96
Brown, Daniel Ditto 96
Barnes, Elijah Ditto 24
Bennet, Elijah Ditto 48
Brush, Thomas Ditto 24
Brydia, David Ditto 48
Bird, Joseph Ditto 76.8
Barr, Alexander Ditto 24
Bellows, Ezra Ditto 96
Bell, John Ditto 48
Bowers, Jonathan Corporal 96
Blakely, Freeman Private 32
Barber, David Ditto 32
Buzel, Joshua Private 64
Butler, Reuben Ditto 32
Bryant, Jos. H. Ditto 32
Bond, Elial Sergeant 72
Boynton, Daniel Private 72
Bennet, Daniel Ditto 48
Barnard, Stephen Ditto 64
Bowen, Ephraim Ditto 24
Barrell, Alfred Sergeant 48
Beck, George Private 96
Butcher, Benjamin Ditto 72
Campbell, James Ditto 48
Clark, Edward Sergeant 24
Capron, Elisha Private 48
Curtis, Silas Ditto 48
Carpenter, Shubal Ditto 72
Clark, Solomon Ditto 24
Carter, Frederick Ditto 48
Cary, Levi Ditto 48
Chase, Jacob Ditto 48
Cook, Ezekiel Ditto 48
Cushing, John W. First lieutenant 204
Darling, Oliver Private 96
Dyke, Calvin Ditto 96
Day, John Artificer 48
Eyers, Samuel Private 96
Evans, Daniel Ditto 48
Evans, Jason Ditto 96
Emmery, Edward Sergeant 32
Fairbrother, Richard Private 96
Ford, Nathan Ditto 38.4
Fuller, Frederick Sergeant 96
French, Daniel Private 96
Fields, Joseph Ditto 32
Fletcher, Chester Ditto 48
French, Charles Sergeant 48
Fisk, William Private 64
Gould, Asa Ditto 96
Gould, Benjamin Ditto 48
Glover, Amasa Ditto 58.4
Gates, Ezra Ditto 64
Griggs, Gideon Ditto 48
Goodrich, John M. Private 32
Goodrich, Bethual Ditto 48
Gibbs, Solomon Ditto 24
Green, Zera Corporal 24
Gleason, Isaac Private 48
Glazier, Moses Ditto 32
Greaves, Joshua Ditto 96
Hazletine, William Ditto 96
Hyde, Jedediah Captain 180
Hill, Zimri Private 48
Hurde, Lewis Sergeant 96
Hinckley, Jared, Jr. Private 48
Hobart, Jonas Ditto 48
Hatch, Martin Corporal 24
Henderson, Timothy B. Sergeant 96
Humphrey, William Corporal 32
Hoyt, Arteban Private 48
Hynes or Hynds, Eli Ditto 64
Harrington, Jonas Corporal 96
Higgins, Uriah Private 96
Hadley, John Ditto 72
Jacques, Nathan Private 32
Ingram, Seth Sergeant 84
Jones, Henry, 1st Private 48
Jourdan, William Musician 96
Jones, Henry, 2d Sergeant 48
Knight, Elijah Private 96
Kellogg, William Ditto 72
Kibbee, Noadiah Ensign 104
King, George W. Private 48
Lovewell, Joseph B. Ditto 96
Lake, Jonathan Corporal 48
Lyon, Jonathan Private 96
Lane, Irving Ditto 24
Lilly, Anson Ditto 96
Lothe, David Ditto 48
Lowe, Thomas Ditto 96
Lane, Levi Ditto 72
Lee, Arza Ditto 96
Lynds, Samuel Ditto 96
Martin, Eleazer Ditto 64
M'Ilvane, Ebenezer Ditto 96
Martin, William Private 64
Millen, Richard Ditto 96
Merryfield, Abraham Ditto 96
M'Cloud, John Ditto 96
Morgan, John Ditto 96
Mossey, Peter Ditto 96
Mosier, Miller Corporal 96
M'Coy, John Private 96
Muir, Adam Sergeant 72
Newton, John Private 48
Pierce, Nehemiah Ditto 96
Plumberry, Levi Ditto 64
Putney, Edward Ditto 96
Poor, Abraham Ditto 48
Powers, Justus Ditto 32
Reynolds, Elisha Ditto 64
Robinson, Prince Ditto 96
Rich, Lemuel Ditto 96
Richards, William Ditto 48
Roberts, John Corporal 32
Reed, Thomas B. Private 64
Stone, Uriah Steward 96
Smith, Ephraim Private 96
Stoddard, Philo Ditto 64
Stevens, James Ditto 64
Stiles, Reuben Ditto 72
Shattuck, John Corporal 32
Spooner, Isaac Private 72
Southard, Alba Ditto 48
Stewart, Calvin Sergeant 32
Smith, Ebenezer Private 32
Torrance, Thomas Ditto 48
Tower, Benjamin Ditto 96
Tubb, Annias Ditto 48
Talman, John Ditto 96
Turner, Amasa Ditto 96
Tabour, Church Sergeant 72
Thompson, Festus Third Lieutenant 168
Thompson, Samuel Sergeant 72
Thompson, Nathaniel Private 48
Thompson, Horace B. Ditto 72
Woods, Abel Ditto 96
Wilder, Aaron Private 96
Woolly, Jonathan Ditto 96
Woodworth, Zibu Ditto 96
Waterman, William Ditto 33
Wilson, John Sergeant 32
Webster, Isaac Ditto 48
White, Samuel Ditto 72
Wear, Richard C. Private 96
Wittum, Rexford Ditto 48
Williams, John Ditto 72
Warren, David Ditto 48
White, Robert Ditto 480
Woodard, Abraham Ditto 96
Wilhelm, Peter Ditto 48
Wade, Joshua Ditto 96
Weed, Benjamin Ditto 72
Wilson, Henry Ditto 48

Making 161 Invalid Pensioners for Vermont

List of half-pay Pensioners of the United States, arising from relinquishment of bounty land, belonging to the state of Vermont, and paid at Bennington, with the annual allowance annexed to each, viz.

Aikins, Asa Guardian
of the heirs of
Ralph Howard Private 48
Bishop, Patty Ditto Eleazer Bishop Corporal 60
Adams, Ebenezer Ditto Luther Adams Private 48
Perkins, David G. Ditto John Perkins, Jr. Musician 54
Whitcomb, Nathaniel Ditto Rufus Tenant Private 48
Coburn, Rachael Ditto Jonathan Coburn Ditto 48
Demmon, Benjamin Ditto Robert Miller Ditto 48
Cook, Mary Ditto James T. Cook Ditto 48
Lamb, Levi Ditto Samuel Stephens Ditto 48
Messenger, Amy Ditto William S. Messender Ditto 48
Sealy, Hannah and Damford Sylvanus Ditto Reuben Segent Ditto 48
Allen, Elijah Ditto Benjamin Rogers Corporal 60
Hall, Nathaniel Ditto James Bassford Private 48
Hoyt, Marcy Ditto Daniel H. Hoyt Ditto 48
Prior, Electa Ditto Hubble S. Fuller Corporal 60
Dennison, William Ditto Artemus Taft Private 48
Jordan, Martha Ditto Jeremiah Jordan Ditto 48
Silver, Sarah Ditto David Silver Ditto 48
Liscum, Sally Ditto Peletiah D. Liscum Sergeant 66
Stewart, Rebecca Ditto John Stewart Private 48
Griswold, John, Jr. Ditto Heath, Lufkin Ditto 48
Strong, William Ditto John Collins Ditto 48
Clark, Joseph Ditto Elizur Simonds Ditto 48
Kilham, Lucy Ditto John Killam Ditto 48
Wilcox, Betsy Ditto Nathaniel Wilcox Ditto 48
Pingree, Hannah Ditto Pingree, James Ditto 48
Booge, Oliver Ditto Alexander M'Arthur Ditto 48
Phillips, Oliver Ditto Joshua Phillips Ditto 48
Langworthy, Asahel Ditto Seth S. Robbins Ditto 48
Bostwick, Orlin Ditto Elijah Branch Ditto 48
Daniels, Phebe Ditto Samuel Daniels Ditto 48
Martin, Daniel Ditto Rufus I. Lillie Sergeant 66
Barber, William Ditto William P. Morey Private 48
Mighell, Sabra Ditto John W. Mighell Ditto 48
Nelson, Jeremiah Ditto Abel Sanderson Ditto 48
Griswold, Rebecca Ditto Elisha Griswold Ditto 48
Linsley, Joel H. Ditto Henry Smith Sergeant 56

Making 37 for Vermont

STATEMENT, showing the Widows and Orphans who are inscribed on the books of this office, as half-pay pensioners, for five years, conformably to the laws of the United States, especially the first section of the act of April the 16th, 1816. "the sum annually paid to each, and the states or territories in which the said pensioners are respectfully paid," made in obedience to a resolution of the Senate of the United States, passed under date of February the 22d, 1818.

Names of decedents, &c.Rank or gradeOriginal
of pension.
Adye, William, children Sergeant 20th Jan. 1814 $5.50 $66.00 -
Beedle, Thomas, widow Private 5th Dec. 1813 4 48 -
Barnett, Job, widow Private 12th Jan. 1813 4 48 -
Bixby, Ephraim, widow Private 6th Dec. 4 48 -

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