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Rhode Island Pensioners Of The United States, 1818

March 28, 1818

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LIST of Invalid Pensioners of the United States, belonging to the State of Rhode Island, and paid at Providence, with the annual allowance to each annexed, viz:

Arnold, Thomas		Captain			At $240 per annum
Adams, Abijah		Private			86.40
Armsbury, John		Ditto			48
Bastow, William		Sergeant		67.20
Bennet, Edward		Private			96
Briggs, Jacob		Ditto			76.80
Bradford, George	Ditto			96
Barton, William		General			360
Chase, Ezra		Private			96
Chappel, James		Ditto			67.20
Caesar, Levi		Ditto			57.60
Chadsey, Rowland	Ditto			32
Davenport, Jonathan	Ditto			4
Eddy, Comfort		Ditto			96
Elliott, John		Ditto			48
Gavett, Edward		Ditto			96
Green, Prince		Ditto			76.80
Hopkins, Richard	Ditto			48
Lunt, William		Ditto			48
Mowry, John		Private			43.20
Pierce, Edward		Sergeant		96
Richards, Joseph A.	Corporal		67.20
Slocum, John		Private			96
Sephton, Richard	Ditto			96
Scott, Charles		Gunner			96
Simmons, Benoni		Sergeant		96
Sheldon, Nathaniel	Artificer		32
Tabor, Noel		Corporal		43.20
Tompkins, Benjamin	Marine			96
Vaughn, Prince		Private			0.40
Vase, Edward		Sergeant		16
Watson, Guy		Private			48

Making 31 Invalid Pensioners for Rhode Island

STATEMENT, showing the Widows and Orphans who are inscribed on the books of this office, as half-pay pensioners, for five years, conformably to the laws of the United States, especially the first section of the act of April the 16th, 1816. "the sum annually paid to each, and the states or territories in which the said pensioners are respectfully paid," made in obedience to a resolution of the Senate of the United States, passed under date of February the 22d, 1818.

							commencement		Pension per	Pension per 	
Names of decedents		Rank or grade		of pension.		month		annum.		Remarks
Greene, Ebenezer, widow		Private			8th April, 1814		4.00		48.00		-

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Rhode Island Genealogy

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