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Mississippi Pensioners Of The United States, 1818

March 28, 1818

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LIST of Invalid Pensioners of the United States, belonging to the State of Mississippi, and paid at Fort St. Stephen's, with the annual allowance to each annexed, viz:

Booth, John		Sergeant major			at $72 per annum
Forrister, Charles	Private				96
Hackett, John S.	3rd Lieutenant			168
Lowry, Robert J.	1st Lieutenant			51
Morris, Henry, Jr.	Private				64
Smith, Ebenezer		Ditto				48
Welsh, David	Ditto				96

Making 7 Invalid Pensioners for Mississippi

						Original		Pension Pension 
						commencement		per	per 	
Names of decedents		Rank or grade	of pension.		month	annum.		Remarks
Wilkinson, Jas. R. widow	Captain		7th Sept. 1813		$20.00	$240.00		-

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